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Universe pulls the emergency brake: 2020 football season without Frankfurt | hessenschau.de

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For Frankfurt Universe, the football season is over before it has even started: The GFL Club is pulling the rip cord and will not take part in a possible corona season. The disappointment is great, the view is ahead.



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Wide receiver Anthony Mahoungou from Frankfurt Universe looks into the void

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Frankfurt Universe will not take part in a possible corona special season of the German Football League (GFL) next autumn. This decision was communicated by the management of the club and the board of directors of the AFC Universe club to the American Football Association Germany (AFVD), according to a press release on Friday.

The Frankfurters are using the so-called “exit option”, which was made possible by a change in the license statute for 2020 and which releases clubs from the obligation to participate in the GFL’s substitute game operations. Because of the ongoing “pandemic situation, those responsible for various reasons will not be able to carry out regular gaming operations in 2020”, announced the Universe.

Universe laments inequality within the league

“In the still highly dynamic situation, we cannot ensure that we can carry out a possible game operation with a reasonably acceptable health risk for all involved,” said Managing Director Alexander Korosek. Due to the German federalism and the correspondingly different corona regulations of the countries, an inequality has arisen within the league, so that a distortion of competition can be assumed: While individual teams have been in full contact training for weeks, this has not been possible anywhere else.

Another reason for the Frankfurt rejection: the finances. “As of now, we have to assume that, even if the stadium is fully used, we will only have a fraction of the previous spectator capacity at significantly higher costs – for example for the necessary hygiene measures and additional security personnel”, said Korosek, representing the disappointment for active people and fans from the Universe family: the season is over before it has even started.

Frankfurt now wants to go to the German Bowl in 2021

“Since the beginning of the off-season in October 2019, the entire Universe team has been working flat out on the 2020 season. New partners were won, the team strengthened and all preparations for the season ran smoothly and professionally – but then came Corona”, said Korosek. “Our willingness to play was there at all times, our motivation was greater than ever. We were ready to give everything to be in front of a home crowd at the German Bowl. We will start today to prepare for the year 2021 and hopefully then to achieve our big goal. “

In Football Germany there had recently been differences between the AFVD, which organizes the GFL, and some clubs such as the Universe (hessenschau.de reported). The background to this are different interpretations of the federal game regulations changed as a result of the corona crisis and the temporarily new licensing statute. “The tablecloth has been cut up,” said Korosek because, in his opinion, agreements between the association and the 32 teams from GFL and GFL 2 had not been kept.

Marburg Mercenaries want to play

Carsten Dalkowski, league spokesman and at the same time President of the Marburg Mercenaries, shortly afterwards contradicted this representation. The Mittelhessen had already announced in advance that they wanted to take part in the shortened special season from September. However, like Frankfurt, the Hildesheim Invaders and the Stuttgart Scorpions will not compete. On Friday, record champions Braunschweig also announced that they would not contest the possible corona round.

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