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UEFA does not abandon the proceedings against Real, Barça and Juve not

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The UEFA president assured Friday that there was no question of abandoning the disciplinary procedure, suspended this week, targeting Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin, the last three mutineers who still refuse to deny the ephemeral project of “Super League“.

The process will resume, that’s for sure“, asserted Alexander Ceferin during an interview with AFP.

The important thing for me is that these three clubs have lost the moral and sporting battle. Now it’s a legal battle, I think we should let the lawyers finish it. The opinion of the legal team was first to deal with the pending cases before the courts and then to resume the disciplinary procedure.“, he added.

Justice is sometimes a little late, but it always happens, in life. And she will come up in this case“, he assured.

UEFA announced Wednesday to suspend “until further notice“the disciplinary procedure initiated on May 25, in which the three clubs risk sanctions for not having given up on the Super League project, created to compete with the Champions League. However, this project quickly lost all content with the defection of the other nine associated clubs.

On Monday, UEFA was notified of an injunction pronounced at the end of April by a court in Madrid, which had banned the organization and FIFA from cracking down on this potential project until the conflict was settled. on the background.

However, the Madrid magistrate has, in the meantime, referred the matter to European justice to find out whether UEFA respects competition law, suggesting a decision fraught with stakes for the governance of sport in Europe, and which could prove to be as resounding as the Bosman decision.

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However, the UEFA president does not think that the legal debates will drag on for years to come: “I don’t think so, we’ll see. It is difficult for me to pass judgment but my feeling is that it will be resolved very soon.

As for a possible agreement with the last three mutineers, as the other nine clubs negotiated before them? “I don’t want to discuss this now. As long as they got into the legal realm, I think it’s okay to let this legal part end. At the moment they have shown that they do not want to argue, they want to go to court and fight with the football world“, he concluded, while the three clubs claim to want to discuss with the authorities.

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