Trae Young conquers Madison

As if you were in the most important theater in the world. Or on Broadway, which was very close to him. Trae Young conquered Madison, turned into his particular scene, and ended his series (or call it a movie) with a bow before the public that had suffered him. Before the thousands of spectators who had seen each and every one of his 26 points, or his 9 assists. Or the triple that preceded the theatrical gesture, from that rank so close to him, so close to the logo, and that put an 86 to 101 that, already at the last minute, was the culmination of the work (89-103). Those of the Big Apple resisted until the break, time in which they were able to lead the score up to four times; But afterwards, they were unable to do anything against some Hawks that have long since begun to fly at the expected height, the one that, until McMillan’s arrival, seemed to be escaping.

There were so many outstanding accounts that losing the account was the norm. From the first game, Young had already become something of a public enemy number one of the metropolis. The Madison – what a pleasure to name him at this point in the season – was cruel to him and he rebelled, he commanded him to shut up and sentence him with a cheeky little bomb. Youthful self-confidence and the confidence of the one who knows that he is very good. More recently, although not so much of that has happened (time flies in the playoffs), four stitches for John Collins, a clash between Gallinari and Bullock or the exchange of statements between Capela and Derrick Rose. “We are going to go to your house to win the game and we are going to send you on vacation,” said the first in the previous one. “I’m too old for this crap,” answered the second. The series has seen a winning shot, an exquisite level Rose, a beautiful exchange from the slates … Everything has been done, except friends.

And today, with the all or nothing at stake, could not be an exception. Before the break, tangana in the center of the court between Nerlens Noel and Solomon Hill with the security of Madrison as mediator. By then, nothing suggested that the tension could be lowered, the sporting was bound, hopelessly and fortunately, to the intrinsic pressure of a definitive match of a series of playoffs very tight, but it was not so much in the end. 47 to 52 on the scoreboard, frenetic exchange of proposals, a constant throughout the tie. If Atlanta hit from the inside with a Young – Capela connection that begins to be the heritage of the competition (26 points in the paint for 18), New York did it with a greater success from the perimeter (with 17 attempts by both parties, 7 hits from New Yorkers and 3 from visitors). And in the form of duels. In the visitors, the mentioned duo accumulated 27 of the total points; on the Knicks, 30 went to Randle (23 + 13 at the end) and Bullock (12). A match of balancing act, tug of war, dueling and getting muddy. And, finally, culminated in a suit on stage. Young’s magic, which, faithfully accompanied by the constant doubles-doubles of Clint Capela (14 + 15), find who also suffers it.

Capital series. Collision between the new basketball and the old school. Crossing of times, of glances, of blows and provocations. It is what you have, it is supposed, to have the New York Knicks back in the playoffs. Its glamor, its spotlights, its opulence, its history. Paradoxically, his pristine face drenched in sweat, in the purest Thibodeau style. Surprisingly, the formula that has led them to the finals eight years later. Without the Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith and company, but with some Randle or RJ Barrett (17 + 7) who have made the NBA shine a little more. It is what has the radiance of the Big Apple, it is what has the best league in the world and its system. So far his adventure and from here that of the Hawks, who once again win a series of playoffs since 2016.


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