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Torque, River and Deportivo Maldonado won

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Victories of Torque 2-1 over Boston River, Deportivo Maldonado 2-0 against Rentistas and River Plate 4-2 against Cerro Largo in the duels of the 4th date of the Apertura on Sunday.

Torque beat Boston River 2-1. The 1-0 fell at 23 ‘. Allende launched Del Prete who faced Carlos Valdez and beat Falcón with a left foot.

At 32 ‘, the Chilean Allende increased with a penalty after a clear hand from Valdez. They went to halftime 2-0 and after it discounted at 48 ‘, when the newcomer José Alberti threw a wall with Facundo Rodríguez and broke the resistance of goal Christopher with a left foot.

Then he went with all of Boston River but was not enough to add his first point of the season.

Torque clasped his second victory suffering until the last second.

Later, Deportivo Maldonado beat Rentistas 2-0. The Fernandinos almost did not arrive, but at 54 ‘Matías Aguirregaray threw a cross and the Argentine Hernán Toledo picked up the rebound sending a cross for Eduardo Darias’s header. And it increased at 65 ‘. Toledo put Tealde running, reached the bottom and his center was connected by the Argentine Conechny, whose left-footed shot was unapproachable for Rossi.

Rentistas went with everything up but it was not even enough to reduce the disadvantage.

Finally River won 4-2 in his visit to Ubilla.

Nicolás Rodríguez found Arezo with an excellent pass, he hit the back of the centrals and his hunt ended in Thiago Borbas pushing the ball into the empty goal.

It increased at 33 ‘. Boggio took a corner kick, Estol cleared and the ball fell on the edge of the area, where Arezo landed a right hand at the corner.


At 47 ‘of the first half, Cerro Largo was discounted by Leandro Otormín as a penalty. And at 63 ‘he achieved the tie. After a corner on the rebound, Leandro Onetto pushed her into the middle for Ángel Cayetano to push her.

But River Plate at 88 ‘won it thanks to Arezo who fought with Cayetano and converted. As if that were not enough, at 96 ‘he put the third of his personal penalty account after a hand from Martín Ferreira.

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