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Top 14: Stade Français attacks its insurer

by archysport

On the ground, the Parisians have chained the successes, six in a row, snatching at the same time the right to challenge Racing 92 in its room in Paris La Défense Arena, this Friday evening, during a barrage of access to the semi-finals which makes the Ile de France rugby salivate and undoubtedly well beyond. Behind the scenes, the capital club is leading a whole different fight, according to our information.

Affected by the measures related to the health crisis that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, such as closed-door matches, and an operating loss which amounts to millions of euros, the Stade Français turned to the first half of 2020 to its then insurance broker Oviato, recently acquired by Aon. The latter then told him that he did not benefit from any insurance in this regard. Parisian leaders eventually discovered that an old contract guaranteed the risks associated with the cancellation of matches, but that it would have been terminated … six years ago.

Assisted by a law firm, the management of the Stade Français tried to find out more but obtained no document, no meeting and above all, no correspondence with its broker, who nevertheless manages his insurance. For the club in the capital, the situation is gruesome: its broker, who collects fees, is supposed to advise it and inform it of the consequences of a change of insurance, not to passively witness the reduction of the club’s guarantees. without warning him of the risks involved.

Aon has apparently taken a tough stance and is unwilling to award him any compensation. Hence the launch of proceedings by Stade Français against its insurer. When contacted, the Stade Français management did not wish to answer our questions.

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