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“This is about more than one key” (Junge Welt newspaper)

by archysport

The ethics committee of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, DOSB for short, suggested on Monday that DOSB President Alfons Hörmann should ask a vote of confidence after criticizing his management style. She recommended early elections. The recommendation of the ethics committee is based on an anonymous letter dated May 6, in which employees at the DOSB headquarters complain about a “climate of fear” or because of Hörmann’s leadership. What do you make of it?

To be honest, I had suspected that the appeal to the ethics committee was an alibi event and that it would end like the Hornberg shooting. The recommendation now is certainly very surprising not only for me. That’s awesome. The conversations and surveys that led to this recommendation must have fully confirmed that a great deal of trust must have been lost. The top of the DOSB …

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