The rating of the Argentine National Team: Public TV …

The tie of the Argentine national team football in the debut of the Copa América broke the television routine and exceeded 40 rating points in the sum of the channels that broadcast the game live. The transmission of Public TV was the most chosen by Argentines, when averaging near 23 rating points, according to the provisional minute-by-minute data, with peaks of 25 during the second half. The state channel surpassed TyC Sports by about five points, since the cable signal programming revolved around the 17.

Neither the early schedule in which the game was played nor the handling around the holding of the continental tournament, much less the bittersweet tie among the selection of Lionel Messi and his Chilean counterpart, were able to take away interest in the debut of the national team. It is estimated that the game averaged over 40 rating points, dwarfing viewers’ attention between 6 and 8 p.m.

Another aspect to highlight is that the first match of the national team in the Copa América added almost 7 audience points compared to the one that had harvested last week the 2 to 2 between Argentina and Colombia for the Qualifiers, also transmitted by both screens. At that time, the TyC Sports broadcast had obtained for the first time a rating higher than that of Public TV: 20.35 points for the sports signal against 13.9 for the state channel.

This time, viewers chose to follow the game on Public TV, which had – unlike the match for the qualifying rounds of the Qatar 2022 World Cup – with some news that may explain the change in the audience’s choice. The first and most obvious is that the team led by the rapporteur Pablo Giralt the incorporation of Matías Martin, who shared comments with Angela Lerena. In addition, the state channel -which had Tití Fernández on the “playing field” – he had a previous cupbearer in charge of Sergio Goycoechea that warmed up the screen. In fact, the transmission of the game began with a floor of 14 points, it rose to 19 at 15 minutes into the first half and in the second half reached a maximum peak of 25 points.




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