The keys to Rahm’s triumph: serenity, family and ‘Call of Duty’

Updated Monday, June 21, 2021 –

“I noticed something special in the environment today, I couldn’t say it or explain it, there was something different.”

  • US Open Jon Rahm wins the US Open and enters the history of Spanish sport
  • Profile This is how Jon Rahm, an unusual number one in the world, was forged: “I have left my son on a plane and I don’t even know where he is going.”

The new winner of the US Open appeared off the ropes as he had shown himself in the previous four and a half hours, serene and in control of the situation, each word weighed and meaningful, each thoughtful and mature. The Spaniard was able to control emotion even in front of his family, three different generations of John Rahm, that they finally reunite after a long and hard confinement.

The vizcano appeared at a press conference with the US Open winner trophy, the organization asked him to remove the bottle of water he was drinking just before starting, “as Cristiano Ronaldo“, he joked after conquering, at 26, the ninth major of the history of our golf.

“I still disappoint a lot of people, but the first thing I did was watch a professional game of the video game Call of Duty“, he confessed regarding his first hours on Sunday, after admitting that he had not been able to follow her live the night before.

“Torrey Pines liked me too”

The moment of your first major It is also very special. “It’s my first father’s day and celebrating it like this having my father here is incredible.” Everything has come together in this historic Sunday for Spanish golf to break down one of the toughest barriers, the US Open and it had to be in Rahm’s talisman field: “I love Torrey Pines And Torrey Pines liked me too, “said the Barrika player, who remembered how he achieved his first professional victory here in 2017:” It is my favorite city, here I committed to Kelley“.

It was also in San Diego where they celebrated their American wedding. “It is a place that you will not be able to forget as long as you live.” A little over a year later, now they meet again with two important novelties, the small Kepa and the winner’s trophy US Open.

Special environment

“I noticed something special in the environment today, I won’t know how to say it or explain it, I went out to play my best as I always do, but there was something different.” Maybe it was the karma. The fact is that since Friday Jon had made it clear that after his recent positive and disqualification at the Memorial, when he was leading with 18 holes remaining, fate must balance the balance. “Good things happen to good people,” he declared.

Another key to success has been serenity and patience, “although the nerves are carried on the inside.” “I have tried to be calm at all times. My mind has always been the same on Thursday or Sunday, trying to always be in the present,” he stressed.

Triumph with dedications

Perhaps the most emotional part of the celebration came when Jon remembered the figure of Seve Ballesteros. “We always remember Seve at the Masters. He came to lead this tournament on a Saturday and did not win, although he would have liked to do it, that’s why I also want to dedicate this victory to him.”

He also remembered all those who died from the pandemic: “They have been very hard months in Spain and many people have died.” He especially wanted to remember Jos Manuel Cortizas ‘Cortti’, journalist from The mail, who was prevented by the virus from enjoying this unforgettable day. Jon had the detail to dedicate the triumph to him, to him and all the victims of Covid-19.

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