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The judo of Hidalgo, with the harness ready for the JNC 2021

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A few days after the Conade National Games, based in Monterrey, the Hidalgo judo delegation, made up of 19 elements, refines details to reach the maximum fair in optimal conditions, trying to overcome the results of the last edition in 2019 .

Without adequate preparation for the pandemic that halted their activity for almost a year, the judokas resumed their training at an accelerated pace, to reach the Tomoyoshi Yamagushi qualifier.

After this event, 19 competitors, in their respective categories, in the men’s and women’s branches, secured their tickets, who had two subsequent camps, one in Bella Airosa and the other in Monterrey.

Confident in this work, those selected have been intensifying their work in the physical and technical aspect under the instructions of Verónica González, Carlos Castillo and Nelson Plascencia, to get in shape.

The Coach, Nelson Plascencia assured that “it is a challenge for the boys, because we are not adapted to this type of closed competition; it will be a bubble where everyone will be concentrated and everyone will compete, there will be no possibility of going out on the street ”.

He clarified that “we have already been to two competitions of this nature, and we saw more or less what it is like, we really have to increase the number of medals, in volume, more athletes are going, the least we can do is equalize.”

To conclude, he added that “right now we are in the stage of obtaining sportsmanship, we are waiting for a team from Chiapas on Wednesday this week, and what we have left are days and we no longer have time for more,” he said.

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