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THE BALL – Summer of Football: How to win a PlayStation 5 playing FIFA 21 (Games)

by archysport

Let’s be very honest: is there a better summer than a summer of football? A summer with European games, the best teams and the best players… Probably yes… A football summer in which, in addition to watching the European Championship games, we delight in playing FIFA 21 on PlayStation4 and even qualify to win a PlayStation 5.

Go, better than this, just adding to the PS5 the fact that Portugal is once again champion of Europe. Even if it’s just… on PlayStation.

From the 11th until the 18th of July, Sony invites all FIFA 21 fans to play on their PS4, completing various challenges in various game modes. In addition to the fun, there are also prizes to be given away and a final competition that really means winning the title of champion: a PlayStation 5 set or 5 sets made up of 12,000 FIFA Points plus a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.

And what do you need to do? Play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4. And play well, of course, in order to overcome the challenges. Before that, however, it is essential to register in Summer of Football.

Then it’s as simple as playing and overcoming 4 consecutive weekly challenges. They all have an associated prize and to get it you will need to win trophies.

The Champions, sorry, the final Challenge only enters the players who overcome all the challenges and then answer a question.

All FIFA 21 superstars relax: Sony has clarified that those who already have the trophies won don’t need to repeat the feats in the Summer Of Football – but they still have to register.

In practice, this means that even someone who signs up in the last few days will be able to participate in the final challenge – provided, of course, they already have the trophies won.

At stake is, in addition to the honor and fame of being the best FIFA 21 player in the world – who doesn’t think that? – there’s the Grand Prix: A PlayStation 5 + an additional DualSense + a Pulse 3D wireless headphones.

This is in addition to the already mentioned five sets of 12,000 FIFA Points and a 12-month subscription to the PlayStation Plus service, which allows you to play PlayStation online, in addition to assigning free, every month, at least two games to add to the library.

Until June 22 – enjoy! – the FIFA 21 Standard Edition is on sale from PlayStation Store for €19.99 and can be downloaded either on a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 (in this case, with an optimized version). Just remember: to participate in the competition you must do it on PlayStation 4.


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