Spontaneous in Finland-Belgium from Euro; networks remember Eriksen case

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Krestovski Stadium, Russia / 21.06.2021 17:00:34

The match of Finland and Belgium had its curious moment when a spontaneously entered the field with an advertising shirt to interrupt the second half, in which the Red Devils had an advantage – which was definitive – on the scoreboard.

It was in the aggregate time that a woman in shorts and a black T-shirt with the legend “WTF Coin” took to the field from Russia’s Krestovski Stadium, from where it was removed by security a minute later. The television transmission avoided giving exposure at all times and there are only a few pictures of the spontaneous.

Photos of the spontaneous at Euro 2020

They call UEFA a ‘double standard’

As we mentioned, in the game broadcast there was not a single shot that showed the intruder on the soccer field as part of the guidelines of UEFA For these cases, however, users of social networks criticized that this The same measure was not taken in the Christian Eriksen incident.

Recall that in the game precisely of the Finns against Denmark, the midfielder fainted with a heart attack. On the TV signal reruns were shown of the dramatic moments when Eriksen lost consciousness and the relatives and fans crying, for what they have called “double standards” to the organization in its policy of use of images.



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