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Schumacher about blowouts Verstappen and Stroll: ‘Layers of nails next to the crash barriers’

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Ralf Schumacher does have a suspicion what could have caused Lance Stroll’s crash in Azerbaijan. According to the German, a lot of junk was found next to the track, including old nails.

Pirelli will have been quite ashamed after the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. Two drivers had to leave the race early because of a blowout. First things first went wrong on the 31st lap of the race for Lance Stroll. He was crossing the start/finish line when his tire suddenly gave up the ghost. Only five laps before the end it went wrong again, this time with Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was in the lead at the time, but saw his victory go up in smoke due to the sudden blowout.

Cause of crashes Verstappen and Stroll

“Pirelli must have had a bad feeling about the tires on Friday, otherwise they would not have increased the air pressure,” Schumacher said. Speedweek. “Although I am careful about making statements on this subject. I have heard from some teams that the track was very dirty. Old nails were next to the crash barriers, many objects were flying around.”

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“At Stroll I think something like that has been fatal for him,” Schumacher continues. “This is because there had not been an accident at that point in the race, where he could have picked up carbon parts from other cars. As for Verstappen, I am not sure. Pirelli’s analysis will determine the cause,” he says. “Lewis Hamilton also had a cut in his tire, but he probably got it through Verstappen, as he was right behind the Dutchman,” said Schumacher.

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