Scandal in Spain: an Argentine footballer posed with a far-right shirt and had to apologize

The striker with the T-shirt that caused a stir in Spain

Nine words on a T-shirt that said much more than the phrase that caused a scandal in Spain. “Fear is a reaction. Courage, a decision”, It was read in the shirt that the Chimy Ávila before getting in his truck. But what the Argentine forward did not know was that He was unconsciously advertising the Vox leader, Santiago Abascal.

The player of the Osasuna had to go out to apologize immediately, because the reaction of his fans left no room for the widespread repudiation that immediately went viral.

The Argentine forward affirmed that he does not know about politics and did not know who that person who appears on his shirt was. In his arguments, the former San Lorenzo He said that he put on the shirt because he liked the message that it has written: “Fear is a reaction. Courage, a decision”.

Today I screwed up by uploading a photo to my networks with a shirt that has offended many people. I am sorry. It was a gift that they made me with a phrase with which I identify a lot and I did not think that it could have all the implications that it has had for some people“, He indicated hours later in his official account of Instagram.

I don’t know about politics, nor am I interested. My only passions are soccer and my family. I did not mean to offend and I apologize”, He reiterated Ávila again after the stir that caused in a part of the fans of Osasuna.

Since it came to Europe, the striker had to overcome two serious injuries that prevented him from joining the Barcelona. During his best stage in the combined Pamplona, set Culé He had taken an interest in him as a possible reinforcement, but fate played a trick on him.

On September of last year he had to undergo surgery on his left knee for a cruciate ligament tear similar to the one he had suffered in January 2020 when he injured his right.

Before arriving at Spain, the Argentine went through Tiro Federal and San Lorenzo. His good productions led him to Huesca, where he made a previous stopover before joining Osasuna.

During his childhood he went through difficult times. At age 19, Ezequiel Avila he had hung up his boots, he had been a father, he worked as a bricklayer after having to earn his living by cardboard and was being investigated for armed robbery at the club to which he had belonged.

The Chimy He had to face complications from a young age: “We were 9 brothers. When my father separated from my mother, the separation hit him hard and he threw himself into alcohol and drugs. The little that we had, when it was taken or past substances, it broke us; like TV or the refrigerator”, Revealed at the time in an interview with Fox Sports Radio.

“I had that incident that They accused me of qualified robbery and attempted murder, It was recently resolved that I am innocent. The tests were bogus and I lost two years of my career. They accused me of theft, of having wanted to kill the president of the club, “he explained about the complaint he had received.

The episode had traumatic consequences for his life. And he put his soccer dreams in the freezer. “They detained me, they kept me for a year and a half with the police at the door of my house, I could only go out to work … I was 19 years old and, since I couldn’t get a job, I said to my cousin: Lend me the car and the horse. My wife was pregnant, she spent from 6 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, doing surgery, until I got a job as a bricklayer in a demolition machine, the houses had to be knocked down so that the architects could work ”, he described about his most complicated stage .

But behind the discrimination of prejudices, the light appeared. “In the neighborhood they called me rat, squirt, I was highly judged. Until the baby was born, I met my representatives and they gave me 600 pesos per Saturday so that I could only dedicate myself to training, although in reality I worked in the morning and trained in the afternoon, “he said later. And the test in San Lorenzo arose, the debut with Patón Bauza as a coach and the jump to Europe.




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