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Sarri – Lazio, Lotito also leaves Villa San Sebastiano

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UPDATE AT 21:38 – The meeting between Claudio Lotito, Stefano De Martino, Anna Nastri and Stefano Rao ended at Villa San Sebastiano. Even the president of Lazio has in fact left the villa.

Lazio, Lotito’s exit from Villa San Sebastiano (VIDEO)

UPDATE AT 21:12 – Also the project and business development manager Anna Nastri he leaves Villa San Sebastiano with his car.

Sarri – Lazio, Anna Nastri also leaves Villa San Sebastiano (VIDEO)

UPDATE AT 21:00Stefano De Martino at this moment he leaves Villa San Sebastiano, still inside the president Claudio Lotito.

Sarri – Lazio, De Martino leaves Villa San Sebastiano (VIDEO)

UPDATE AT 8.15pm – He also enters Villa San Sebastiano Stefano De Martino, the Biancoceleste communications director.

Sarri – Lazio, also De Martino at Villa San Sebastiano (VIDEO)

These are hot hours at home Lazio, with Maurizio Often ready to become the new Biancoceleste coach. The agreement is total and complete on practically everything: the coach binds himself to the Capitoline club by signing a two-year contract. At this point, only the official announcement is awaited. Meanwhile, the president Claudio Lotito entered in these minutes a Villa San Sebastiano. The number one of the Lazio it was anticipated by spokesman Rao and Anna Nastri, the company’s project and business development manager. Below, photos and videos:

Sarri – Lazio, Lotito arrives at Villa San Sebastiano (VIDEO)

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