Rubén Domínguez, in the Spanish pre-list for the U19 World Cup


Updated:06/06/2021 19: 11h


Rubén Domínguez has been preselected by the Spanish Basketball Federation to join the U19 team that will play the basketball World Cup for the category in Latvia. There will be 15 players who will start the concentration before staying with the final twelve who will play the World Cup event.

If it exceeds the cutoff, which is quite likely, faces will be seen again in the national team, with Javier Zamora, the coach who has directed Movistar Estudiantes in the last season until he was dismissed. The young coach knows the Puerto Real player well, who this season has been between the first team in ACB and the subsidiary that plays in Liga EBA.

Javier Zamora will be accompanied by Jorge Franco and Jorge Sanz as assistants to the technical direction.

The shortlist will be made up of Pablo Sanchez (Unicaja), Guillem Ferrando (Valencia Basket), Marc Peñarroya (Baxi Manresa), Ruben Dominguez (Movistar Students), Pau Shopkeeper (FC Barcelona), Javier Rodriguez (Prague Academy), Millán Jiménez (Valencia Basket), Sergio Huguet (Palma), Hector Alderete (Movistar Students), Jefry Isima (Unicaja), Adrià Domenech (Youth), Rubén López de la Torre (Herbalife Gran Canaria), Aitor Etxeguren (Casademont Zaragoza), Alonso Faure (Loyola), Hugo Lopez (Movistar Students).

Argentina, France and Korea, the first rivals

The World Cup will be played in the Latvian towns of Riga and Daugavpils from July 3 to 11. Spain is nestled in the Group C together with Argentina, France and Korea. For the round of 16 they will meet the dangerous Group D, made up of USA, Australia, Turkey and Mali.

The Spain of Gasol, Navarro, Raúl López, Felipe Reyes, Berni Rodríguez … won this title in Lisbon 99, a milestone that marked the history of Spanish basketball, by beating the US in the final. Four years earlier, in Athens, the national team took the podium for the first time.

On this occasion he presents himself with generation 2002/2003, with good results in international competition. The 2002 generation was silver in the 2018 U16 European Championship while the 2003 generation won the title in the 2003 generation, led by Rubén Domínguez from Cádiz, who was namedbest player of the european tournament.

Heads and tails during the season

It has not been an easy season for the player from Cádiz, one of the strongest promises in Spanish basketball, who has just turned 18.

On the positive side, his debut in the Endesa League, an option that allowed him to face the best professional players for the first time, despite his young age.

The downside is the demotion of your club, Movistar Estudiantes that this past season has not been able to avoid going down to LEB Oro.

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