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Riots in Rigaer Straße: Today the “Rigaer94” is only open to violent criminals – politics

by archysport

No, there must be no tolerance for this violence, no procrastination. According to the police, the left-wing extremists from Rigaer Strasse injured at least 82 officers at least slightly, and two seriously because of a fire protection test. They set fire to barricades, threw stones from roofs.

This is not a folk “cat and mouse game” as it is so often called, but potentially fatal. Often people then shrug their shoulders: It was always like that, wa! Mainzer Strasse was worse back then! Kikifax! But what does this violence mean in concrete terms?

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A nearby daycare center asked parents on Wednesday, in the middle of the day, to pick up their children immediately – they feared the evacuation. A primary school on the street was closed until the end of the week for safety reasons. For many neighbors this is actually: Kikifax.

You have known intimidation and threats for years. Know neighborhood courts when they alert the police and fire brigade, threatening letters in the mailbox. Firefighters are attacked when they want to put out lit cars.

In the past year alone there were 157 investigations into attacks, threats and insults against police officers. 85 preliminary investigations are ongoing due to property damage. All of this is neither reasonable nor excusable.

It is a cynical guerrilla war that has reached ideological zero. It is not directed against “the system” or “the chapter”, as so often claimed by the left, it is directed specifically against people, against individuals who are being terrorized and attacked.

There are sympathizers in the left-green milieu

Many leftists often denigrate the outrage as petty: What is the head of a police officer against “the injustice of the system”? So the residents of the “Rigaer94” know part of the urban society on their side, especially in the left and green milieu. There the violence is dismissed as folklore, as a “struggle for freedom”.

The green district councilor Florian Schmidt has been trying for months to have a proper fire protection test, the only thing that matters is to avert it, negotiating directly with lawyers for the residents. Left and Greens only managed to position themselves clearly against the violence after hours on Wednesday.

No, it would be dishonest to assume that both parties have broad sympathy for the violence. It seems, however, that many politicians have resigned themselves to the fact that it will somehow continue to run like this. This lethargy is not only fatal, it is apolitical.

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The red-red-green Senate must finally bring about a solution before the rule of law is eroded in even more heads – and people turn to the right-wing populists.

Demolishing the house is not the solution, no storming under a pretext – in our constitutional state, basic rights also apply to all those who trample on everyone else. Not all apartments in the house are actually occupied, and the backgrounds of the owners are still not fully disclosed.

For years the Senate has been talking, negotiating and speculating about buying the house. So far, the fog of ownership has been cited as a reason not to buy. In the meantime, however, this fog is clearing. It is now a question of political will: should this violence continue to be tolerated or not? All three governing parties will be measured by this on election day. It may have been different once, but today the “Rigaer94” is only open to violent criminals.

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1 comment

Gus June 18, 2021 - 07:00

This post is neither “sport” nor “news”. It’s raw propaganda.

The author rhetorically distinguishes himself from “the right-wing populists”, but I can’t imagine a right-wing populist disagreeing with a single sentence in this polemic.


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