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Real Madrid: Marcelo, a first foreign captain in Madrid since 1904!

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Marcelo, Benzema and Varane They will be the three captains of Real Madrid next season after the departure of Sergio Ramos. The goodbye of the 4 supposes a change of order in the bracelet, which passes into the hands of three foreign players. No national player will be in the captains shortlist and no national player will be the first white captain for the first time in a very long time. In this sense, Marcelo will make history.

Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid

The Brazilian take the baton from Sergio Ramos almost 15 years after his arrival at Real Madrid to become the first foreign white captain since 1904. El ingls Arthur Johnson he was the first foreigner to be the first captain of Real Madrid, in 1902. He will replace him Jos Giralt, born in Cuba when it was a Spanish colony. The last foreigner to be the first captain of Madrid was the Guatemalan Federico Revuelta, in command of the armband until 1904. Since then, there has always been a first Spanish captain … until Marcelo now more than 100 years later.

A tradition that questioned Mou

Ramos received the bracelet from Casillas, Iker from Ral, the ‘7’ from Hierro, Fernando de Sanchs, the youth squad from Chendo… The last decades have been marked by national captains, many of them home players. Marcelo breaking that tradition, once the ‘law’ is established in Madrid that the bracelet goes to the arm of the player with the longest standing in the squad. A rule that at some point was questioned, as when Mourinho did not see clearly the captain of Casillas because he preferred to give it to a field player. However, it has been and will continue with the departure of Ramos.

Gallons for Karim

Marcelo will be the first captain of the team, but the bracelet in the field will be worn by Ms. Benzema. The sporting situation of the defender, once confirmed that he wishes to continue at the club, is complicated and it is normal that he does not have much prominence. With what Karim will be the one who a priori wears the bracelet the next campaign.

Now the first national player of Madrid in the hierarchy of the captain to be Nacho, just behind Marcelo, Benzema and Varane. The youth squad is fourth on the ladder, ahead of Modric. Nobody has been at Real Madrid longer than Nacho, who will be at the club for 20 years, but the captain’s rule in Madrid leaves you in fourth position.

Captain of xito

With the departure of Ramos, the center-back puts an end to six seasons as first captain, being one of the most successful captains in the history of Real Madrid. With Sergio in command, Madrid has conquered 12 ttulos. Iker won seven titles as captain in five seasons and Ral only four in seven seasons.

He started lifting the 2016 Champions League in his first season as captain and closed his glorious circle with the bracelet lifting the league title of the 19-20. As captain he has lifted all titles except the Copa del Rey.


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