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“Real” defeats Valencia in a fierce battle and returns to the ACB final – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

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Real, weakened in the first fight of the series, beat Valencia with 81:70, all the best basketball players in the line-up. In the second match on his field, “Valencia” revived with the most convincing success in this semi-final series – 85:67. Before the decisive game, the positive news was in the Madrid team camp – for participation in the third match green light received by Serhio Jul.

Pablo Laso’s “Real” was in the lead from the first minute of the match. The home team failed to manage safely, but “Valencia” never managed to get ahead. In the decisive events, the potential choice of this year’s NBA draft lottery was played by Usman Garuba, who hit an important third, but later won the rebound in the attack and stood out with a 2 + 1 move, which gave a four-point advantage to “Real”, from which the Valencian team recovered. inability. In both defense and attack disappeared was Louis Laber, who either broke the rules when needed or executed a throw. Along with the signal of the end of the game, Klemens Prepeličs hit the third from the center circle, but “Real” still celebrated its success, returning to the final of the ACB league after a year break.

Garuba alone was the most effective player on the Madrid team with 16 points and 14 rebounds. The talented Spaniard, who is not famous for his shot from a distance, hit three of the five three-pointers and all three free throws. Also in the decisive battle was Fabien Kozer, who has 15 points in his account.

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For the second match in a row, the most productive basketball player of the Valencian club was Nikola Kaliničs from Serbia – 13 points, while Klemens Prepeličs and Mike Tobijs scored 11 points each.

Madrid’s “Real” returned to the ACB League final after a break in the season. Last seasons in the bubble In Valencia, the royal club experienced a fiasco without leaving the group. Roland Schmidt’s winner of the “Barcelona” and “Tenerife” pair will face the men trained by Pablo Laso in the fight for gold medals, which will be determined on Friday evening. The “Valencia” team ended the third season in a row in the semifinals of the Spanish championship. Also, the team led by Haimes Ponsarnau did not enter the ULEB Euroleague playoffs and will not play there next season. Instead, “Valencia” will compete in the ULEB Eurocup, where it has already triumphed four times.

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