Racquet Boys Lee Ji-won’s sparkling water charm explodes

Lee Ji-won’s cute ‘heart’
Geumsapa middle school girl character
charismatic badminton club

Jiwon Lee / Photo = Courtesy of Forest Entertainment

‘Racquet Boys’ Lee Ji-won made a surprise public appearance encouraging live broadcast.

Through her agency Forest Entertainment’s official SNS account, she posted a picture along with the words “Receive Lee Han Sol-pyo’s heart and watch the show!”

In the published photo, Jiwon Lee showed off the synchro rate reminiscent of a real player by perfectly digesting the uniform in the drama. Then, with the addition of a cute heart pose, you can feel the pleasant excitement of watching what exciting story will unfold this week.

Jiwon Lee is a high school girl with a lot of things she likes and wants to do in ‘Racquet Boys’. When she wears a uniform and a racket, she plays the role of Hansol Lee, who overpowers the badminton club with her bold charisma as well as a sharp tone to her juniors when she wears a uniform and racket.

In the 3rd and 4th episodes, not only did he show the hammer dance, but he also mobilized all the children from the badminton club to the village elders for the international match of his best friend Han Se-yoon (Lee Jae-in) to create a cheering video and exuded the power of the village at the end of the land. In addition, the narration of ‘Hansol Cider’ shows a piercing charm throughout the airing, captivating viewers at once, adding to the fun of the play.

Lee Ji-won, who has established himself as an actor to be seen and trusted by being recognized for both his topicality and acting skills such as ‘SKY Castle’ and ‘Wonderful Rumors’, is paying attention to whether he will inspire a colorful appearance and refreshing vitality in ‘Racquet Boys’.

Meanwhile, the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Racquet Boys’, starring Lee Ji-won, will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.

Shin So-won, a guest reporter at Ten Asia

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