Racquet Boys Lee Ji-won Girl Crush Lovely Charming Character Born

Lee Ji-won, a pungent cider conversation
Girl Crush + Lovely Charming Character Birth
Imprint of ‘Lee Hansol’ presence with ‘sticky’ synchro rate

Photo courtesy of SBS ‘Racquet Boys’

‘Racket Boys’ Lee Ji-won made a definite presence.

Lee Ji-won, who is appearing in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Racquet Boys’, is a ‘geumsapa middle school girl’ with many things she likes and wants to do. He is acting enthusiastically as Lee Han-sol, who overpowers him.

In episodes 1 and 2, which aired every day since the 31st, Lee Ji-won showed off her girl crush + loveliness with a difference in temperature without hesitation.

On this day, the scene where a bloody comment was blown with one tail comb in front of Yoon Hae-gang (Tang Jun-sang), who misunderstood Han Se-yoon (Lee Jae-in) as a man, made the viewers shiver.

Then, as Se-yoon, the captain of the badminton club at Haenam Jeil Women’s Middle School, and her best friend Se-yun did not want to win the runner-up, she continued to run 50 laps at the gym and train her tail to the point that she was out of breath.

It did not stop there, but in the ‘National Spring Badminton League by Category’, a strange catharsis was added to the audience who came to see Seyoon in the stadium, giving off an unstoppable ‘cool’.

On the other hand, when we all sat around and ate food, we were a ‘girl’. To the bakery’s son Bang Yun-dam (played by Sang-yeon Sang), one friendly line, “Thanks to Yoon Dam who likes pizza,” makes us imagine their relationship.

Hansol stings Haegang like a bee, but gives Yoondam a sweet gaze, showing off the charm of being immersed in hot and cold baths.

In this way, Jiwon Lee has completely transformed into ‘Lee Hansol’ itself, even though the image of her previous work has come and gone. As he is a badminton player in the play, he was thoroughly prepared in advance. As soon as the appearance was confirmed, he sweated profusely and immersed himself in badminton practice, and the sound of shuttlecocks flying in and out of the practice area and film set did not stop.

In particular, when wearing a uniform, he is a charismatic character, so he is 200% immersed in his eyes and gait, and attention is focused on what kind of activities he will perform in the future.

Immediately after the broadcast, viewers and netizens reacted enthusiastically towards Lee Ji-won, such as “Girl Crush is not a joke”, “What’s the name of Lee Han-sol?”, “I’m 16 and I’m not kidding about the straight-line charm”, “I believe in Lee Ji-won’s acting!”, etc. and praises pouring in, it has established itself as a new powerhouse in the Monday-Tuesday drama.

‘Racquet Boys’, which aired for the first time on Monday, is·It airs on Tuesdays at 10pm.

By Seo Ye-jin, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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