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Paul Pierce launches a controversial business

by archysport

Screenshot: ESPN (DR)

Paul Pierce no longer has a job since his incredible blast of lead on Instagram Live a few months ago… But obviously the period of ” unemployment Is over, since he has just embarked on a new business! The decision of the Celtics legend may not please everyone!

Paul Pierce has somewhat disappeared from the radar since his incredible Instagram Live session last April. Clearly in a daze, the legend of the Celtics had exhibited everything Puritan America hates: drugs and half-naked women … Obviously, his employer ESPN had to make a strong decision.

But a few months after the scandal, The Truth apparently fell back on its feet! In an interview with the Boston Globe, the legendary No. 34 of the Celtics has unveiled his new partnership with the company “The Hub Craft” … specializing in marijuana! He’s going to have his own line of cannabis in store! And obviously, he does that especially for athletes …

I have such a great connection with the city of Boston, I can’t wait to land with the brand to allow the enabling people to experience the plants. They will find out how practical it is in everyday life and how smoking can help recovery after exercise. I’m glad the world is finally opening up about this.

Most of the time, athletes don’t know what’s in painkillers. Doctors prescribe pills for us and we don’t know anything. I have already found myself addicted to these things. It is harmful for the body because without our knowing it, the tablets degrade some of our organs.

Paul Pierce is therefore throwing himself body and soul into the cannabis industry! A rather controversial decision seen from France, since soft drugs are not authorized by law. On the other hand, things are moving across the Atlantic, and The Truth simply wants to establish itself in a booming sector!

Paul Pierce will therefore try to convince sportsmen in Boston to turn to grass for treatment … Not sure that he will find great success in the Celtics’ locker room!

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