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Pat Riley, LeBron James and “The Key Under the Doormat” | NBA

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What will LeBron James do in 2023 when his contract with the Lakers ends? Will he retire, extend or afford a last challenge in another franchise … In Miami, Pat Riley had very, very badly digested the return of LeBron to Cleveland in 2014, but he leaves the door to a possible return.

Guest of Dan Le Batard’s show, Riley answered questions about the Heat season, the evolution of the game, but also the arrival of Dwyane Wade in Jazz as a shareholder. We actually thought Wade was linked for life with the Heat, but like in 2016 when he joined the Bulls and then the Cavaliers, Wade preferred to look elsewhere, and not take ” the key that Riley had left under the doormat“. This was the expression the Heat president used in 2016 to tell him the door was still open for him for a comeback, and that’s what ultimately happened.

But there is not a key, but two keys under the doormat since the other is reserved for LeBron James. « I would leave the key under the doormat if he called me and let me know he’s coming back ” explains Riley, who confuses his brushes in his response. ” I would do that, but I very much doubt this key… It’s rusty now.«

It’s been “rusted” for seven years, but Riley is ready to put on a new one. Hoping the NBA won’t take that for an approach because he doesn’t want to be ” excommunicated From the NBA.

« Look, LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time, and if you take a step back, what have been those four years like? It was four years in the final, four years of excitement, two NBA titles… It was the best period in the history of the Heat. So I wish him all the best, and if he ever wants to come back, I’ll put a new key that shines under the doormat.«

For Wade, it will even be a ” golden key“. The key to the city of Miami, according to Riley.

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