Parma Climate- Milan 8-2. Meanwhile, pitcher Julio Vivas arrives

Another victory for Parma Clima who overtook Milan with the result of 8 to 2 in the second race of the weekend, extending the streak of consecutive successes to ten games.

Compared to the afternoon match, Milan gave up on the bruised Villa and Lo Monaco by moving Capellano to first base and Pasotto to the outside center. Ambrosioni garrisoned second base with Morillo designated hitter and right fielder Fraschetti. In Parma Clima rest time for Juaquin with Battioni shortstop and right outside Gonzalez. Cesare Astorri was deployed in first with Sambucci designated hitter. The duel between Mattia Aldegheri and Francisco Carrillo was initially staged on the mound.

Once again Parma Clima has staged a sprint start. Gonzalez performed in a perfect long line in the opposite field (double) and completed the tour of the bases thanks to a single from Leo Rodriguez. Shortly after the same Rodriguez stole the second and scored the point of 2-0 using a double from Sebastiano Poma.

Milan immediately returned the result in a draw without beating valid. Aldegheri conceded two consecutive bases, the Milanese runners benefited from a defensive error to move to second and third bases and scored with two beats towards the interiors of Pasotto and Ambrosioni.

The guest draw lasted a moment, the time needed to change sides, witness a perfect surprise bunt by Desimoni and a spectacular double on the opposite side by Battioni: the ducals returned to the lead with a crazy pitch and a long sprint of sacrifice of Noel Gonzalez.

The Parmesan storm did not stop. On the third Poma hit a single in the center, Sambucci performed a perfect beat-and-run and Astorri brought home the point of 5-2 with a very long sprint of sacrifice. The sixth point materialized a few moments later in conjunction with a guest defensive error.

Carrillo’s match lasted just over four rounds. In the fifth inning Parma Clima forced him to raise the white flag with four consecutive hits by Astorri, Desimoni (double), Battioni and Gonzalez who widened the partial up to eight to two.

Better than Carrillo was the young relief Davide Pizzi (class 2000) who, despite having a lower speed than his teammate, ensnared the ducal clubs avoiding an early conclusion of the match.

Winning pitcher Josè Campos, three innings with four strikeouts, comfortable closing for Yomel Rivera. Best in batting Desimoni (3 out of 4), Poma and Battioni (2 out of 3).

On the sidelines of the matches with Milan, Parma baseball announced that it had reached an agreement with the pitcher Julio Vivas, born on 10.01.1993 in Tachira, Venezuela.

Vivas, 102 kilograms spread over 188 centimeters, played from 2011 to 2016 with the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise reaching the level of “advanced single A”. With the organization of the Pirates he played 128 games with a record of 20 wins and 9 defeats and an overall average of 2.95 points earned. In the 289.2 shots thrown he scored 250 strikeouts.

In 2017 he returned to Venezuela where he played in the Winter League with the Aguilas del Zulia and the Navigantes del Magallanes. Since 2019 he has been the protagonist of the Colombian championship with the teams of Monterrey and Cartagena: during the winter he played the Caribbean Series representing the Colombian Professional Baseball League.

Vivas will reach Parma today, Sunday, to make himself available to the Parma Clima technical staff.





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