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Nikola Jokic, the revolution comes from Sombor

by archysport

Following the definition, the cubism is an avant-garde movement developed in the early 1900s and characterized by the use of geometric figures such as rectangles, triangles and, of course, cubes. The goal was to break the naturalistic representation and capture several floors at the same time on the surface of a painting.

The motivations that pushed the various artists to expand their visions in search of something new can be found in many factors. The climate of those years was fervent, man was mentally expanding and preparing his entry into the modern age.

Pablo Picasso, a Malagueño painter who we do not believe needs further introduction, at the beginning of the twentieth century is in deep and continuous research. He meditates a lot, studies a lot and studies all the best artists of his time. The real turning point, however, came in 1905, when he arrived in Holland, he came into contact with pre-Roman Iberian art, an art that did not mind the proportions or the harmony of the arrangement. There is a spark.

Son of his era and even further ahead of it, he arrives in 1907 to the maximum need to express something new. Simply, Pablo Picasso could not fail to respond to his being a genius.

And there it is, The Ladies of Avignon. A disturbing, immoral (for the time), revolutionary picture. There are many who trace the birth of cubism.

Five naked women, with decomposed shapes and volumes and according to the criterion of simultaneous multi-sided vision. Which does not take into account the normal anatomical laws.

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From there, therefore, Cubism, which in itself will not have a very long life but will influence much of future art, literature and cinema.

But without going into an artistic-historical narrative, what is the importance of Cubism?

Quite simply, this current has done so change the perception of things, not limiting itself to pure looking but forcing you to investigate. And this implies a thorough investigation into the structure of things and their functioning. Never before has there been such a revolution, which went, in fact, against the rules of anatomy and against the normal rules of perspective and general painting.

If we wanted to reconstruct everything in a single sentence, we could say that this type of art it taught us to understand that reality is not simply what we see and what presents itself to us. Reality is more complex, deeper than the initial impression we have of it.

But by now you know, this is a basketball tale. And this is to Nikola Jokic. The new MVP of the NBA.

One of the new artists of modern basketball of which he embodies some of the concepts, but which proposes them in a different interpretation, subverting the common preconceptions due to, for example, physical dimensions and the role played on the pitch. The clear example in which the perception you have should not be limited to its appearance, how it moves on a parquet or how it looks outside, from the parquet. Because Nikola Jokic is a revolution, and he was able to allow us to see modern basketball from other angles we weren’t used to.

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Arrived in America from Sombor, a city north of Serbia, with a way of being, physical and behavioral, definitely different to the standards that the NBA (and us Game watchers) were used to. And on which no one, until just a handful of years ago, would have bet anything.

“A genius is somehow a child”

arthur schopenhauer

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