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«NeWind Foods» takes a good advantage in the Abra in the Spanish Cup of J80

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Updated:19/06/2021 19:20h


Pablo Santurde’s ‘NeWind Foods’, from the Real Club Marítimo de Santander, is postulated as the great favorite in the Spain J80 Cup after the second day of sailing in Biscayan waters of the Abra. This second day was spectacular to compete with north-northwest winds of 10 to 12 knots, after which the ‘NeWind Foods’, with two first, one second and third place, stood out in the classification. Jaime Piris’s’ Mercury ‘is second twelve points behind the leader and’ Dr. Chacartegui ‘from the Balearic Islands placed third, with the Cantabrian’ Fredo La Estrella del Norte ‘from Pichu Torcida in fourth place, the Gipuzkoan’ Enbata 80 ‘from Iker Almandoz fifth, the Andalusian’ GPBullhound ‘from Alfredo González sixth and the Biscayan’ Biobizz ‘ by José Azqueta in seventh place. The first youth boat, eighth in the general classification, is the Biscayan of the ‘Fhimasa Escuela de Vela José Luis de Ugarte’ by Tomás Trueba, always fighting with the best, and the first female is the ‘Central Óptica’ by Julia Casanueva.

Unlike the initial day in which there was a considerable delay due to the rolling wind, the Spain J80 Cup began a few minutes after the scheduled time on the second sailing day. The wind did appear in the Biscayan waters of the Abra just as the sailors wanted in a high-level championship. So much so that the three planned routes were completed, and one more, after the last day was canceled after a spectacular storm. Pablo Santurde’s ‘NeWind Foods’ from Santander, world champion in Getxo in 2019, started very well with victory on the first round. Second was’ Dr. Chacartegui ‘from the Balearic Islands from Club Nautic Arenal, who already warned of his intentions on this day, and third was’ Fredo La Estrella del Norte’ by Pichu Torcida. The Guipuzcoans from Iker Almandoz’s ‘Enbata 80’ were placed in fourth place and Rafael Lasso’s Canarian ‘Marina Rubicón’ was fifth. The first youth players were once again the kids from the ‘Fhimasa Escuela de Vela José Luis Ugarte’ of the host club from Bizkaia, with Ignacio Camino’s ‘Solintal’ as the first master.

The doctor. Chacartegui ‘won the second round, with Jaime Piris’ ‘Mercury’ in second position and ‘NeWind Foods’ third to maintain great regularity in this event in which 36 boats take part. Chacartegui, launched at that time in the Abra, also prevailed in the third round, with Pablo Santurde’s crew again second and third the surprising ‘Fhimasa Escuela de Vela José Luis Ugarte’. In the fourth and last race of the day, the sixth of the total, the ‘NeWind Foods’ was the winner, now the top candidate for the final victory, with the ‘GPBullhound’ second and the ‘Michelle’ third. The ‘NeWind Foods’ has never dropped from third position in the six races contested.

This Sunday the third and final day of the Spain J80 Cup is held, organized by the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club with the sponsorship of BMW Lurauto and Lurauto Electric Mobility.

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