NBA, Snoop Dogg explodes, disappointed fan: ‘Vogel doesn’t know how to coach: why doesn’t Harrell play?’

Always Snoop Dogg he has never hidden his transport – often passionate – for yellow-violet colors. And see i Lakers mistreated and humiliated on the Phoenix field he must not have pleased the Californian rapper at all, who on his Instagram account he let off steam without half measures after -30 collected by LeBron James and his companions. “I never thought I could say such a thing, but the Clippers are better than us”, An admission that for a home fan in Los Angeles it certainly costs effort. But Snoop Dogg does not stop there, and focuses on those responsible for the disaster at Lakers: “Frank Vogel does not know how to coach: why Montrezl Harrell does not find minutes? Damn, this defeat breaks my heart. Injured AD hurts more than a Mary J. Blige album, ”writes one of the hottest yellow-violet fans. Which then concludes: “We are soft, soft“. An outburst more instinctive than anything else – because Vogel would be the same coach who put an NBA champion ring on his finger last year on the Lakers bench, for example – but who at the same time for example, he puts his finger in the (open) wound of the rotations of the A longs in absence Anthony Davis.

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