Home baseball MLB: Alex Verdugo retired José Altuve at second base with a great shot (Video)

MLB: Alex Verdugo retired José Altuve at second base with a great shot (Video)

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The gardener Alex Verdugo of the Boston Red Sox retired with a great shot at second base to the waiter Jose Altuve of the Astros from Houston in the MLB.

On Thursday’s day the faces of the Astros of Houston and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

At the top of the third inning, the red-legged won with a scoreboard 2-1 and with one out the Venezuelan came to bat Jose Altuve, who hit to left field that hit the wall of the green monster.

The left fielder Alex Verdugo He waited for the ball to rebound, which he played excellently, took the ball and with a great shot he retired the Creole at second base Altuve, who was being expected by the waiter when Joseph I was halfway there and it was a super street out.

Definitely the Verdugo It is not a story and neither is his bracelet, which he could verify Altuve To his bad luck, but in turn the Mexican outfielder gives us these exhibitions of his great talent.

For all that is explained here, we can only suggest in a very respectful way to the players of the other teams that are not the Red Sox: “Do not run to Verdugo“.

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