Home football LIVESTREAM: Dream start for Orange, Depay opens the score from the penalty spot | European Championship 2020

LIVESTREAM: Dream start for Orange, Depay opens the score from the penalty spot | European Championship 2020

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  1. 14′ – Yellow – Marten de Roon
  2. 11′ – Goal penalty kick – Memphis Depay (1 – 0)
  3. 10′ – Yellow – David Alaba

The Netherlands and Austria won their first group match and can therefore already secure the 1/8th finals tonight. Which of the two succeeds? Follow it here from 9 p.m.

  1. 53′second half, minute 53. Austria cannot embarrass Orange even on stationary phases. Stekelenburg simply plucks Alaba’s corner from the air. .
  2. 47′second half, minute 47. Promising start from Austria with Lainer who immediately opens up with a rush on the right. His low cross is just cleared. .
  3. 46′second half, minute 46. 2nd half. No substitutions at the start of the second half. Can Austria still make a fist or will the Orange squad no longer give away the qualification for the 1/8th finals? .
  4. 46′ second halfsecond half, minute 46 match started
  5. 45+2′ first halffirst half, minute 47 match over
  6. 45+1′first half, minute 46. Half time. It is not flashy, overwhelming or whirling at Oranje. But the Dutch are clearly boss against an impotent Austria. Depay took care of the 1-0 from the penalty spot after just 10 minutes. .
  7. 45+1′first half, minute 46. Stekelenburg hasn’t had half the ball yet. Aster Nzeyimana.
  8. 42′first half, minute 42. Depay misses a double lead.

    Depay leaves a double lead

  9. 42′first half, minute 42.
  10. 42′first half, minute 42. Wijnaldum blocked. Another chance for Orange, which shifts up a gear with peace in sight. Van Aanholt continues in the sixteen and puts the ball back on Wijnaldum, but his shot is still blocked. Austria escapes again. .
  11. 41′first half, minute 41. Big miss by Depay! Weghorst is launched on the edge offside. He maintains the overview and lays well wide for Depay, but he decides wildly at the far post. What a miss, Frank de Boer grabs his hair. .
  12. 39′first half, minute 39. It was a good start, but after the penalty kick, the Netherlands decided to control and Austria is powerless to do anything about it. Aster Nzeyimana.
  13. 35′first half, minute 35. Distant bang from Hinteregger. Austria can finally manifest itself on half of the Netherlands. The attack ends with a distant bang from Hinteregger. Stekelenburg doesn’t see the ball go that far over the goal. .
  14. 29′first half, minute 29. Sabitzer sends Baumgartner into the sixteen, but De Ligt comes out with an excellent intervention. He’s already over his unhappy moment. .
  15. 28′first half, minute 28. De Ligt sees stars. Finally a dangerous action by the Austrians. Baumgartner cuts in well and hits hard. Right on De Ligt’s head and he also gets the bouncing ball where you would rather not get it. Stekelenburg can intervene in this way. De Ligt needs to recover. .
  16. 27′first half, minute 27. Depay hits the side net.

    Depay pops into the side net

  17. 27′first half, minute 27. Depay with a flash of his class. Depay once again unleashes his devils on a long throw-in. He takes the ball well after the bounce and takes a blistering shot, but his bang ends up high in the side net. Still a great attempt by the Dutch star player. .
  18. 21′first half, minute 21. The Netherlands is now slowing down a bit. Austria does not pose any threat to the De Boer boys for the time being. .
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