La Châtaigneraie. The municipality votes its grants to associations

Before voting the grant allocations to associations for 2021, the mayor, Marie-Jeanne Benoit, underlined: “The pandemic has greatly affected the functioning of associations. We suggest that you renew the aid at the same level as last year, in view of the difficulties that many have encountered or will encounter. “

Patrick Deslandes, his deputy, specified that it will however be necessary “Consider tidying up the allocation system to sports associations in order to integrate the subsidies paid for regional travel and avoid double payment”. Its committee will look into the subject for the next budget.

Les Trois Rivières Basket-club will receive € 600; the nautical club, € 3,196; ASC Football, € 11,652; The tennis club, € 500; The bike club, € 1,600; L’Avenir gymnique, € 3,690; The Saint-Pierre Handball-club, € 100; archery, € 500 for the year 2020 and € 500 for the year 2021; Lagem Taaba, € 700; Blood donors, € 100; the association against cystic fibrosis, € 100; young sappers, € 595; Handicap action, € 100; Valentin Haüy, € 100; Friends of Félix Lionnet, € 100; the twinning committee, € 340; college sports associations, € 100; associations of parents of secondary school pupils, € 100 and those of schools € 200; Craftsmen and traders from La Châtaigneraie (AeC), € 2,000.



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