Kaul is sure to participate in the Olympics and ends the decathlon early

Ahe decathlon world champion Niklas Kaul renounced his two best disciplines at the Olympic qualification competition in Ratingen. He could afford it, not because he had come through the two days so well, but because the national competition was too weak or because he was unlucky with injuries. In any case, there was no one far and wide in sight who could scrape together the necessary qualification standard of 8350 points.

Even Kaul had not presented himself with brilliant performances by the time he left, which he himself made no secret of. “The first day was shit, you have to say that openly,” he said after the fifth discipline. With 4009 points he was just able to overcome the 4000 mark and stayed in sixth place.

For him, the paradox was above all the self-observation that he felt “fit like never before”, but could not bring his physical prerequisites on track. He had the impression, according to the sports and physics student, in a curious way of self-reflection, as if he had “grown ten centimeters” in one year. So it’s no wonder that he can no longer get the usual processes going. Apparently, Kaul is still 1.90 meters tall. His problem in the technical implementation must have another reason.

In Ratingen, he repeated his announcement at half-time that he would say goodbye to the competition if it should be foreseeable that none of his competitors could come close to the required norm. And so it was on the Sunday after the eighth discipline, which is why the 23-year-old from Mainz packed his bag before throwing the javelin. Before that, he had at least proven his class over 110 meter hurdles and set a personal best in 14.38 seconds.



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