Juan Ignacio Maegli and Mirna Ortiz will lead the Guatemalan delegation in Tokyo 2020 – Prensa Libre

This is part of the delegation of Guatemalan Olympic athletes that will participate in Tokyo 2020. Free Press Photo: Esbin García.

The Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG) swore in this Wednesday, June 23, the delegation of 21 Guatemalan athletes who will participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which begin on July 23 in that Asian nation.

National athletes who are in preparation camps or competitions in other countries, were part of the ceremony in virtual form.

The Guatemalan athletes, along with their coaches, were sworn in before competing in Tokyo 2020 amid much excitement and excitement.

The sports authorities announced that the total expenses for Guatemala’s participation in Tokyo amounts to Q2 million 740 thousand 128.05 distributed as follows: Out-of-pocket expenses for the delegation, Q537 thousand 806.50; air tickets, Q786 thousand 124; clothing (presentation uniforms), Q668 thousand 887.50; luggage and backpacks, Q113 thousand 839.29; commemorative pins, Q80 thousand 500; and support to national sports federations and associations (competition uniforms, logistics, implementation), Q552 thousand 970.76.

To date, the Guatemalan delegation has classified 21 athletes in athletics, shooting, sailing, rowing, modern pentathlon, swimming, cycling, badminton and judo.

This is the moment when Isabella Maegli signs the golden book of Guatemalan sports. Mirna Ortiz accompanies him. They together with Juan Ignacio Maegli and Luis Carlos Martínez will lead the national delegation in Tokyo 2020. Free Press Photo: Esbin García.

They are the 21 Guatemalan athletes qualified for Tokyo 2020

  • José Barrondo, Mirna Ortiz, Uriel Barrondo, Luis Ángel Sánchez, José Ortiz, Mayra Herrera, Erick Barrondo, José Calel and Luis Miguel Grijalva (athletics)
  • Adriana Ruano, Waleska Soto and Juan Ramón Schaeffer (shooting with hunting weapons)
  • Juan Ignacio and Isabella Maegli (sailing)
  • Yulissa López and Jenniffer Zúñiga (rowing)
  • Charles Fernandez (modern pentathlon)
  • Luis Carlos Martínez (swimming)
  • Manuel Rodas (cycling)
  • Kevin Cordón (badminton)
  • José Ramos (judo)

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