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The statements he gave James Rodriguez, during a live broadcast, about his revocation of the Colombia selection they continue to give rise to debates in certain sectors of public opinion.

Even several journalists and former players of football have spoken on the subject.

However, the repercussions of Rodríguez’s words not only remain in the heated debates of sports gatherings, since, like almost everything that happens today, they have also migrated to social networks.

The internet users They have not skimped on words when expressing their anger or their support for the current midfielder of Everton, England.

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For example, @ jhon1888bang wrote: “That James is a clown. He’s getting annoyed. Rather than get in shape or else it is up to you to start managing the money you have earned”.

@mr_talman said: “What James has to do is give his soul in each game with Everton and choose his friends”.

On the other hand, @ freddylg03 commented: “His left hand always contributes to the National Team. Hopefully things are fixed to see him with the tricolor, there are many of us who do value his work and every joy he has given us”.

Apart from these comments, some reference points to try to understand the football ‘slump’ of James are in the injuries he suffered during this season and in the figures he reaped during his first year in the Everton.

James Rodríguez, Colombian midfielder.

In the first part, according to the specialized media ‘FutbolRed’, during the 2020/2021 season, Rodríguez had four injuries that kept him from playing key games for his team.

This resulted in 23 appearances with the shirt of the Everton, team in which he scored six goals in his first year in England.

According to data from ‘ESPN’, this was Rodríguez’s third worst scoring record since he played in Europe, since in the 10/11 season he scored four goals for FC Porto and in the 19/20 season he celebrated just one goal wearing the elastic of Real Madrid.

Of course, these irregular numbers are far from those of his ‘great times’, such as those he obtained in the 11/12 (FC Porto) and 14/15 (Real Madrid) seasons, when he carried out 13 goals in each team.

James Rodriguez

James Rodríguez was presented at Real Madrid on July 22, 2014.

It is worth saying that, for many, James’ participation at Everton had positive repercussions despite low scoring records. However, during the last meetings with the ‘toffees’ he had physical problems that, just, ‘tied’ with the supposed low performance that took him away from the America Cup.

While public opinion continues to debate about James, the case of this footballer opens the count of other Colombian athletes who were subjected to some type of bullying while going through downturns in their sports career.

Because you can’t always be on top.

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Egan Bernal

At the time, some people began to criticize this Colombian cyclist due to the drop in his sports performance due to a back injury that afflicted him during several competitions in 2020.

According to the specialized media ‘Marca’, this physical ailment not only led him to withdraw from Tour of Francia last year, but also had him end the cycling season early to focus on his recovery.

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This downturn in Bernal’s performance led some to speculate about his triumph in the Tour of Francia of 2019 and said that, supposedly, he had earned it by luck and not because of his talent and the physical conditions that he has.

Fortunately, Bernal recovered and this year won the Tour of Italy, leaving a clear message to those who questioned it at the time.

Will the critics have gotten back on the ‘bus’ of triumph?

Radamel Falcao Garcia

Without a doubt, Falcao García’s sports career has been full of good and unforgettable moments. Of course, he also went through a difficult stage, in 2014, when he suffered a injury to your knee that ended up separating him from the soccer World Cup that year.

In fact, after his recovery, some began to criticize him. He was ‘cracked’ to a greater extent when he emigrated from Monaco to the clubs in England.

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In his new destination, Falcao received critics by the English press and some Manchester United and Chelsea fans due to his poor sports performance in these two teams.

According to data from ‘ESPN’, in the 14/15 season, Falcao scored four goals wearing the ‘Red Devils’ elastic, while in the following season he scored only one goal with the ‘blues’ shirt.

These meager scoring records served as fuel for his detractors. Many, of course, used the fruitful harvest of ‘El Tigre’ in the two seasons he played with him. Atlético de Madrid, from Spain, as he scored 52 goals. During his time at Monaco, Falcao scored a total of 65 goals while at FC Porto he scored 28 goals.

Despite the criticism, Falcao continued with his work and, after returning to Monaco in the 16/17 season, he again achieved goalscoring records that cleared the doubts of his critics.

Although for many the absence of Falcao in the America Cup It is a notorious blow to the Colombian forward, others believe that ‘El Tigre’ has already completed its cycle with the ‘tricolor’ and it is time to give way to scorers in better moments. Duván Zapata, for example, shines with his own light in Atalanta, as well as Santos Borre in River Plate and Borja in Junior.

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Nairo Quintana

At the time, Nairo Quintana, winner of the Giro d’Italia in 2014 and the Vuelta a España in 2016, began to receive criticism because he did not win a Tour of Francia: the ‘last step’ to, supposedly, reach the sky with the hands in cycling.

It even ranked second in 2013, in 2015 and third in 2016. It was close, yes.

Nairo Quintana

Nairo Quintana, Colombian cyclist.

But the criticism was scathing. According to the specialized media ‘Mundo Deportivo’, Rory Sutherland, Australian runner and former teammate of Quintana in the Movistar Team between 2015 and 2017, commented: “He has so much determination, that he gets into his little world. I had discussions with myself and with other colleagues”.

Despite this, Nairo continued on his way and once again demonstrated his talent and physical conditions with the Arkea-Samsic team.

Although at present the national cycling scene focuses on other names, Nairo ‘continues in his business’.

Mariana Pajon

In 2018, Mariana Pajón, a Colombian bike rider and winner of two gold medals (London 2012 and Rio 2016) suffered an injury to her left knee that took her away for nine months from the BMX tracks.

Two years later, Pajón had an interview with the ‘RCN’ channel to talk about his sports career and about the criticism he received during his recovery process after the injury.

Mariana Pajon

Mariana Pajón, Colombian bike rider.

Injuries for an athlete are the strongest. We go through a lot of personal problems. People do not know you and say things that are not what you want to convey. In social networks too, one hits very hard that”.

And he added something more than pertinent: “Everyone has to go through a lot of things. I simply tell people: do not judge without knowing. Do not see the history from a triumph, but the history around everything”.

Pajón recovered, returned to the slopes to continue his sports career and continued to reap triumphs in his sports discipline.

What’s more: in 2019 it was named as best athlete on the continent by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC).

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Robert Farah

In 2020, this Colombian tennis player was in the eye of the hurricane after the International Tennis Federation (ITF) provisionally suspended him for an adverse result in a doping control.

This sparked controversy and several people took the opportunity to criticize Farah, who, it is worth saying, was in a great moment of his career before the call.

Some time later, the ITF lifted the suspension of the Colombian tennis player and he returned to compete alongside Sebastián Cabal, his teammate.

Robert Farah

Robert Farah, Colombian tennis player.

They recently reached the Roland Garros semifinal. His level is still superlative and his ‘critics’, for the moment, will have to continue waiting for a new setback.


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