In Wassy, ​​the kickoff of “Terre de Jeux 2024”

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Basketball enthusiasts first listened to Loïc Jambon’s instructions.

Following Wassy’s “Land of Games 2024” labeling, the first Olympic day, which took place on Wednesday 23 June, was a well-deserved success.

This first day took place in several places in the city, depending on the specialties of each association, and more precisely in the gymnasium, on the stabilized football field and at the dike. On the first site were found the judo which, for the circumstance, returned to the dojo with Priscillia and Clément Humbert, the kayak, of which several members held a place of reception, while the president, Alain Annesser, made discover the specialty on the river. In the large gymnasium, zumba with Sandra, from the association Vivre à Wassy, ​​followed each other by badminton with Fabienne Dorolle, followed by handball players from Espérance de Pont-Varin.

In the small gymnasium, a good group of young people were introduced to basketball under the leadership of the president, Loïc Jambon. Still around the gymnasium, on the stabilized ground, several coaches from the USWB introduced twenty kids to the joys of football. Tennis was not to be outdone since, there too, young people were able to practice. After doing a first demonstration at the gym, Sandra did it again, this time at the dike where a group let off steam on the dance floor to zumba tunes.

For Henry Elliot, French athlete who sponsors Wassy in his approach, and for Alexandre Morvan, deputy mayor, this is a first and despite late communication to the outside, it was a success. As Henry Elliot expressed it, the young participants enjoyed participating and practicing new activities which shows that the initial goal has been achieved. In addition, the associations said they were satisfied with the mobilization of their members to introduce their sport to other children.

Posted on 06-27-2021 at 11:00 AM

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