How much do they earn per month and who has more money?

So many conversations that have been generated around the similarity between the athlete and the content creator who, on one occasion, ended up having a chat through Instagram, this was announced by the Pereirano.

Even on one occasion James Rodríguez and Yerry Mina made fun of ‘La Liendra’ and Richarlison, as an Everton supporter asked them if they ever told the Brazilian player that he had a ‘twin’ in Colombia.

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Despite the talks about their resemblance, the subject only remains in the physical part, since there are several points that make them different, starting with their nationalities and the money each one earns per month.

How much does Richarlison earn per month?

As indicated by the Transfers portal, which collects the salary of footballers from all teams in the world, the Everton player and James’s teammate receives 17 thousand euros daily, more than 76 million Colombian pesos.

In addition, according to the contract he has with the English team, the Brazilian earns 6.3 million euros a year, about 29 billion Colombian pesos; the figure is less than what Rodríguez receives, who earns 8 million euros.

Here, a photo of the footballer:

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It is worth mentioning that the money that was accounted for by the Brazilian born is only what he bills at Everton, because he did not have what he charges the National Team of his country and neither what they pay for advertising.

The money that the footballer has received has served him to buy several properties in Brazil, his residence in England and several some luxury; He even helps his family financially, which was low-income.

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‘La Liendra’: how much does he earn and what are his businesses?

The content creator assured months ago that, monthly, he is assigned a salary of 5 million pesos, but this is only part of the money that he charges per month for advertisements or in contests; on Instagram, the Pereirano offers promotional packages that can cost up to 30 million pesos.

It is worth mentioning that these revenues are external to your company, where it sells products that are trending on social networks, as this is one of the most important digital stores in the country.

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So far it is unknown how much the ‘influencer’s fortune’ rises, but his earnings have helped him buy properties such as an apartment in Medellín, a house in Pereira, a farm in Risaralda and some ‘toys’, such as cars, motorcycles and even an audiovisual production team.



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