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History of baseball in Turin

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Few cities in the Italian baseball scene have shown, for better or for worse, a dynamism similar to that of Turin.
The Piedmontese capital, but Piedmont in general, have a very close and decidedly strong bond with the old game: the father of Italian baseball was Piedmontese – Max Ott – the first stage for Italian throws was on the Turin hills and one of the most great “popularizers” of baseball in the golden years was also from Piedmont – Bruno Beneck.

The history of baseball under the Mole, however, is a troubled history, with peaks of excellence but also “dark” pages.
From the American dream of Columbus BC, to the exploits of the famous William Lawson’s at the turn of the 70s and 80s, to the history of the teams that have alternated on the field, we have tried to trace a great fresco that wants to include all the actors of a story which is now over seventy years old.

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