Gymnastics and Shot look at them all from above

June 27, 2021 – 01:02
He beat Boca Unidos in Corrientes 3 to 1, with goals from Carrasco (2) and Ivo Chaves

It does not matter that the goals came in injury time or when the match was coming to an end, but Gimnasia y Tiro rounded up an unobjectionable victory against Boca Unidos in Corrientes by 3 to 1.

The triumph of the millionaire as a visitor led him to climb to the first place, momentarily, with 18 units (with a point higher than Racing de Córdoba, whom he relegated to second place), in the standings of the Zone B of the Federal A tournament, and waiting for what happens today with the rest of the programming that completes the dispute of the ninth date.

And Gimnasia y Tiro in yesterday’s presentation showed that he is on the right track, because with authority he overcame an opponent who took control of the game in much of the first half. Boca Unidos, with Carlos Arriola elaborating each advance with precision, managed to bring danger to the fence by Luciano Silva, who responded correctly in each intervention.

The local team pressed in the possession of the ball with a rhythm that Gymnastics found it difficult to get out of the confinement and stand. They were moments where the development of the meeting was concentrated from the middle of the court towards the goal defended by Silva, in a flooded field and that did not help in the faithful interpretation of ensuring each pass.

Gymnastics and Tire did not despair and with a Walter Busse in the position of central midfielder he looked for a way to advance to the opposite field. Maximiliano Núñez had already tried with a shot that went far from Luis Ardente’s goal, but in a second incursion, the attacker executed a cross so that Ivo Chaves only deflected the trajectory at the top and decreed the opening of the marker.

Up to that point, it could be said that Gimnasia y Tiro, with very little reached the partial advantage, so in the final part it was forced to go out to consolidate the objective of adding the three points.

Boca Unidos continued with that attitude of provoking risky plays in Silva’s goal, so then Alfredo González Bordón and Guido Milan, with their teammates, organized the defensive wall and even Guido Di Vanni went down a few meters to collaborate. Nicolás Monje was expelled and left his team with 10 players and the delivery of the Corrientes team emerged with the goal of equality scored by Sebastián Luna. The changes ordered by Gringo Maza yielded according to how the game was presented. And that positive effect had its prize, with the two entries by Mauricio Carrasco, which left the locals stunned and who put together the celebration to look at everyone from above.

B. United 1 Gymnastics 3

L. Ardente (4) L. Silva (6)

N. Monje (3) J. Galeto (7)

A. Morales (5) A. González Bordón (6)

F. Lazzaroni (4) G. Milán (6)

M. Oliva (5) T. Nallim (5)

S. Luna (5) I. Chaves (7)

D. Sánchez Paredes (5) W. Busse (7)

C. Arriola (5) E. Barrionuevo (6)

S. Abecasis (4) R. Villarreal (5)

G. Ríos (5) G. Di Vanni (5)

A. Medina (5) M. Núñez (6)

DT: A. Grelak DT: S. Maza

Goles PT: 39’ I: Chaves (G). ST: 38’ S. Luna (BU), 46’ M. Carrasco (G), 49’ M. Carras co (G).

ST changes: 19 ‘JP Cárdenas by M. Núñez and N. Capellino by E. Barrionuevo (G), 24’ E. Nis by S. Abecasis (BU), 29 ‘M. Carrasco by G. Di Vanni and M. Villa by T. Nallim (G); 33 ‘S. Silva for M. Oliva and W. Navarro for A. Medina (BU), 33’ R. Zelaya for R. Villarreal (G).

Sent off ST: 23 ‘N. Monje (BU)

Matchday: Ninth date

Referee: Maxi Mascheroni

Stadium: Boca Unidos



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