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Gwangmyeong City, benefits such as discounts on use of sports facilities for vaccinated citizens

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Gwangmyeong City Hall

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The city of Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, announced on the 10th that it has decided to give various benefits to citizens 14 days after the first or second vaccination in order to increase the participation rate of the COVID-19 preventive vaccine.

Starting from the 21st, the city will reduce the fee for using the underground gymnasium and artificial rock wall at the Haan-dong Citizens Gymnasium from the 21st, 30% for the badminton and table tennis courts at the National Sports Center, and 30% for the fee for using other municipal sports facilities in various places.

In addition, from next month, a 20% discount on the admission fee for a planned performance at the Civic Center will be given, and a souvenir will be given when entering the Kihyungdo Literature Center.

In addition, 30% of tuition fees for Haan Senior Welfare Center education program starting in September and 5,000 Won for Soha Senior Welfare Center education program tuition will be exempted.

Gwangmyeong Cave entrance fee will be exempted from the 12th for those aged 65 and over, and 50% discount for those under the age of 65.

In addition, if the vaccinated person spends more than 50,000 won at the Gwangmyeong Traditional Market from next month, 5,000 won will be returned as an Onnuri gift certificate.

To receive various benefits, install the COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination Certificate App (COOV) from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or bring a certificate (certificate) issued by an inoculation center and inoculation hospital.

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The city decided to implement these benefits until the end of September, and then consider extending them further while monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and vaccination status.


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