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GTA and FIFA beaten by an unexpected sporting title in the Italian ranking

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Now that June has actually kicked off, the Italian software ranking continues to surprise.

If last week it was Mythopia, the title per console Nintendo Switch, to get the first position, this time in the lead we find a really unexpected game.

IIDEA – the Association that represents the videogames industry in Italy – has in fact published the weekly ranking of video games best sellers in Italy, from 24 to 30 May.

In the first place, NBA 2K21, the sports title dedicated to basketball by Visual Concept in PS4 version (already reviewed months ago on these same pages).

A little below, the tweet released a little while ago by IIDEA:

In second position, the now famous Electronic Arts football simulator, FIFA 21, followed in third place by the equally well known and much loved Grand Theft Auto V, by Rockstar Games (always on the podium of the best sellers in our country)

As for the ranking of the best-selling titles on PC, the excellent shooter stands out again Metro Exodus, followed in second place by Far Cry 5 (probably driven by the latest information relating to the sixth chapter).

In third and last position, Company of Heroes 2, the real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment.

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An image of NBA 2K21.

Returning to the GTA saga, you have already read that a user claims that in fact the location of GTA 6 would it be based on Rio de Janeiro, given that it would have noticed different aesthetic similarities between the two settings?

We also remember that GTA V is finally ready to launch on next-gen consoles, as Rockstar Games has recently officially unveiled the release date.

Finally, speaking of the new this time FIFA 22, the game is now close to replacing the previous chapter and it seems EA has big plans for the new episode (thanks to a mode never seen before).

If you want to get your hands on the remarkable NBA 2K21 in PS4 version and at a very low price, you just have to click to this address.

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