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Golf | Rahm reappears after testing positive for COVID-19 at The Memorial

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Maximum expectation to see the Jon Rahm’s return. Barrika’s has already left the positive for COVID-19 that forced him to leave The Memorial when he was signing a very great performance, and has appeared at the sede del US Open, en Torrey Pines, to talk about his return to competition on such an important stage.

“Unfortunately, I had a very good performance at The Memorial and I was kicked out of the tournament just before the final round, but I reiterate that the PGA Tour did what it had to do. I’ve heard a lot of different theories, like that I should have played alone. Everything is nonsense and the rules are there and they are clear, “Rahm explained about his withdrawal, although he added that the situation could have been managed better:” Possibly I was facing the best performance of my life, and they tell me again in the same field with live television: ‘Hey, you don’t go out tomorrow.’ So I do think it could have been handled a little better. “

If in itself a US Open is a major challenge for any golfer, it still takes on a different dimension if you have stopped your training cold because of COVID-19. Despite this, Rahmbo is optimistic and believes that he has time to prepare adequately: “When you do not play golf for a week, it is difficult to reach a major, especially to the US Open. But I’m sure I can get in shape fast enough. I still have two more days. Was it 13 years ago that Tiger practically won with a broken knee without really being prepared? Once the gun is fired, it doesn’t matter. So in that sense, I I can say that I am still confident. “ With that spirit he can aspire to everything …

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