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Garanti BBVA’s support to Turkish basketball is in its 20th anniversary news

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Acting on the principle that its contributions to society are permanent and sustainable, Garanti BBVA celebrates the 20th anniversary of its support for Turkish basketball. Garanti BBVA, which has signed one of the longest-lasting and successful sponsorships in our country’s sports history, has made significant contributions to basketball in a wide range from 12 Giant Men Basketball Schools to youth national teams and A Women’s and Men’s National Teams in close cooperation with the Turkish Basketball Federation. provided. Believing that these contributions create lasting value in society and social life, Garanti BBVA also sponsored the Women’s and Men’s Wheelchair National Teams. In addition to its sponsorship aspect, the Bank has played an important role in the branding of basketball and national teams, and in strengthening social awareness and support for basketball through its communication activities and marketing activities for 20 years. Garanti BBVA, proud of the fact that the brands it brought to the country’s basketball have become a permanent value, also shared with the public the promotional film it prepared on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its support.

Recep Baştuğ: We wish success to 12 Giant Men and 12 Bravehearts

Evaluating the 20th anniversary of their support for basketball Garanti BBVA General Manager Recep Baştuğ, “As Garanti BBVA, we strive to continuously increase the value we add to the society and to create value for society and social life, in addition to our banking activities. Basketball is one of the fields in which we have made the biggest investment for many years, to which we are deeply committed, and which we believe to be highly rewarding in society. We are very happy to be among the biggest and longest-standing supporters of basketball today, on this path that we started 20 years ago together with the Turkish Basketball Federation. In our journey that started with the legend of 12 Giant Men, we are proud to contribute to the development of basketball in harmony and close cooperation with our Federation, and to see that the support we have provided for 20 years has turned into permanent values. We hope to celebrate many more successes together and thank the Turkish Basketball Federation.. On this occasion, we wish success to the Fairies of the Crucible, who will proudly represent our country once again at the European Women’s Basketball Championship, to the 12 Giant Men who will take part in the Olympic qualifications, and to the 12 Bravehearts who will compete in the Paralympic Games.” he said.

Hidayet Türkoğlu: Garanti BBVA is a very important partner

Hidayet Türkoğlu, President of the Turkish Basketball Federation also expressed his views as follows: “Garanti BBVA has been not only a sponsor for 20 years, but also a very important partner whose support we feel every moment to take Turkish basketball forward. Garanti BBVA’s contributions are undeniable in strengthening our basketball and reaching the point it has reached today. Our cooperation since 2001 and the results we have achieved stand at an exemplary point in Turkish sports. In the past period, we have taken and continue to take important steps both in achieving historical successes and in creating the future of Turkish basketball. In addition to their contributions to our youth national teams and 12 Giant Men Basketball Schools, the support they offer to the development of future star basketball players at Garanti BBVA BGL as the title sponsor of the Basketball Junior League this year is very valuable to us. Garanti BBVA BGL, which has been going on for 4 seasons and where we organized the girls category in the 2020-21 season, is an important league that has already succeeded in producing basketball players who are appreciated in the top leagues. I believe that thanks to Garanti BBVA BGL, we will bring successful athletes to our national teams and raise a bright generation. We attach great importance to our sponsorship agreements, which we see as collaborations between two valuable brands to take each other further. In our journey to move Turkish basketball forward, the fact that our cooperation is not only extensive, but also long-term and stable makes us strong. In this sense, we are very happy to walk with Garanti BBVA to greater success in the 20th year of our partnership; I would like to thank the entire Garanti BBVA family and General Manager Mr. Recep Baştuğ once again.”

20 years of uninterrupted support to Turkish basketball

Garanti BBVA’s support for Turkish basketball began in 2001 when it sponsored the Men’s National Team before the European Basketball Championship held in our country. The “12 Giant Men” legend was born when the sponsorship and wide-ranging promotional activities provided under the conditions of the period when the promotion of our country and the public’s support for basketball were very important, combined with the historical success of the team that brought together the most talented players of the country’s basketball. Garanti BBVA experienced the happiness of being a partner in this pride by presenting the 12 Giant Men brand and logo to Turkish basketball.

With the inspiration of 12 Giant Men, in 2002, in cooperation with the Turkish Basketball Federation, the 12 Giant Men Basketball Schools (12 DABO) project, which directly touches children and adds a new meaning to their lives with sports, has been implemented. 12 DABOs, which provide basketball training to children across Turkey, continued their efforts to create a love of basketball and create a conscious basketball family, while also increasing the number of licensed athletes in many cities and allowing more children to meet basketball. As of 2018, the project was developed to discover and train the ’12 Giant Men’ and ‘Peri of the Crucible’ of the future, and as a result of the screenings made by the national team infrastructure trainers, it turned into a talent pool where the athletes selected are trained to form the infrastructure of Turkish basketball.

Another important step in Garanti BBVA’s support for Turkish basketball was the sponsorship of the Women’s National Team in 2005. Garanti BBVA gave women’s basketball the name “Fairies of the Hoop” by making a name and logo work similar to the example of 12 Giant Men before the European Women’s Basketball Championship held in our country that year for the National Women’s Basketball Team.

Garanti BBVA, which is the sponsor of infrastructure national teams as well as the National Teams that it has branded with its name, logo and communication works, has recently taken on the sponsorship of the Basketball Junior League (BGL). BGL, where the Girls category was added for the first time, was organized this year under the name Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League, in a special format by the Turkish Basketball Federation, taking into account the pandemic conditions. BGL, which allows female and male players in the youth to gain experience, improve themselves in the competitive environment and prepare for the A team and national teams, was successfully completed after a busy season program and the finals in May.

In addition to its cooperation with the Turkish Basketball Federation, Garanti BBVA also makes significant contributions to the development of wheelchair basketball. In this context, since 2013, Garanti BBVA has supported the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball National Team, which it calls “12 Brave Hearts”, and the Women’s National Team, which it calls “12 Magic Wrists”, helping the teams to participate in the European and World Championships, Paralympics and achieve international success had a significant share.

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