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From the landfill to the playground: the extraordinary project of an Indian architect

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Pooja Rai, Indian architect, designed and helped build almost three hundred parks in his country using only industrial waste. To the delight of young game users and actively participating in the disposal of obsolete materials.

Landfill waste no, construction materials for games yes

The inspiration for the young Pooja came from looking at the children who they played badminton with old slippers instead of rackets, a moving scene that turned for her into a spring of action.

Along with some friends who thought like she founded Anthill Creations: a non-profit organization that manages the design and construction of playgrounds for children built only with discarded materials.

Using industrial waste of all kinds, from broken metal pipes, to drums to be scrapped or tires to be disposed of, Anthill Creations has given many places of entertainment to around 200,000 Indian children.

Happiness in the eyes of children

Playing is not a luxury for a few – says the architect Rai – we have tried to bring joy even to poor children“.

We focused on rural areas of India, creating important spaces for local communities. The well-being of children is too important for a positive climate within the community.

If we also consider the implicit disposal of large quantities of waste, we can certainly be proud of our ideas. Certainly the help of individuals, with donations and active participation in the project, is essential, but our commitment is total.

Among the many categories of industrial waste that Pooja and his companions turn into games, it must be emphasized tires: waste difficult to dispose of properly. Every year 981 million tires are thrown away and their recycling stops at 7% … numbers that speak for themselves.

Image source: Anthill Creations

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