Franck Dubosc avoided the worst with one of his sons: “I almost shot him”

Currently promoting the film The sense of family (in theaters on June 30, 2021) in which he gives the reply to Alexandra Lamy, Franck Dubosc returned to his creative confinement with his children Milhan and Raphaël (8 and 11 years old, born from his marriage to Danièle). Guest on the set of C to you, the 57-year-old actor shared how he had fun making funny videos with his sons on social networks, but also how one of them could have gone very wrong.

I will shoot you

In the middle of archery, the star of the film Camping has indeed revealed to have narrowly escaped an incident with one of his children. “I have one where I shoot an arrow, and I almost shot my son (…) I shoot in the paws but he was holding the paws. So I said to him: ‘Don’t hold your paws, otherwise I will shoot you’ ‘“, he explained. Fortunately, more fear than harm for Franck who did not finally target his boy.

Very accomplice with Milhan and Raphaël, the actor of the films All Inclusive, Everyone standing and 10 days without mom also shared how much he enjoyed spending time with them during confinement. An intense period for Franck who had to take care of his children alone, his wife having gone to a 100% female rally: “It is an opportunity to meet with the children and to see that it is very difficult. (…) It was the first time that I had my children alone for more than twenty-four hours.

A precious moment which allowed Franck to strengthen ties with his children. Very protective, the actor had also revealed for the first time the face of his son during the show Show Must Go Home broadcast on Instagram during confinement in March 2020. A few months later in December, Franck confided that one of his sons was going to play in his new film Rumba Therapy in Instagram story. So, will it be Milhan or Raphael …?


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