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FOOTBALL | The provincial series are final for Hainaut

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The provincial committee of Hainaut has unveiled the series for the 2021-2022 season. They reveal few surprises and promise sacred derbies.

This Monday morning, the provincial committee of Hainaut formalized the series for the coming season. As a reminder, it was no longer the presence at the meetings of the CP that were taken into account for the placement in one or the other division but only the mileage aspect. Unsurprisingly, there is no change from the provisional series that were released two weeks ago.

A glance at the divisions that concern us.

Provincial 1

Hornu, Houdeng, Ransart, Soignies, Biévène, Pays Blanc A, Morlanwez, Monceau, Beloeil A, Gilly, Molenbaix A, Solre-sur-Sambre, Snef, Le Rœulx, Montignies and Péruwelz A.

Provincial 2A

Templeuve A, Wiers A, Herseaux A, REAL B, Luingne A, Obigies A, Isières A, Esplechin A, Estaimbourg A, Anvaing A, RUS Tournai-Warcoing A, Havinnes A, Ere A, Meslin GM A, Péruwelz B, Enghien A.

Provincial 3A

RFC Tournai B, Escanaffles A, Pays Blanc B, Néchin, Montkainoise A, Ellezelles A, Thumaide A, Béclers A, Wez-Guignies A, DR Rongy A, RUS Tournai – Warcoing B, Velaines A, Ere B, Taintignies A, Bléharies A, Squadra Mouscron.

Provincial 3B

Wasmes, Ghlin, Belœil B, Neufvilles, Chièvres A, Lens, Hensies, Hyon, Pommeroeul A, Casteau, Vaudignies, Pays Vert B, Meslin GM B, Flénu, Harchies-Bernissart, Quaregnon.

Provincial 4A

Templeuve B, Herseaux B, Escanaffles B, Luingne B, Risquons-Tout A, Molenbaix B, Obigies B, Hérinnes B, Ellezelles B, Estaimbourg B, Thumaide B, BrunehautA , Anvaing B, Velaines B, Wodecq A, Houtaing.

Provincial 4B

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Leuze-Lignette, Wiers B, Risquons-Tout B, Hérinnes A, Montkainoise B, Esplechin B, Béclers B, Wez-Guignies B, Brunehaut B, Rumes, DR Rongy B, Havinnes B, Taintignies B, Bléharies B, Saint-Jean , Barry.

Provincial 4C

Flobecq, Soignies, Naast, Biévène B, Chièvres B, Isières B, Baudour, Espanola, Thulin, Pommeroeul B, Casteau, Ghlin, Harchies-Bernissart B, Wodecq B, Enghien B, Quévy.

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