Football EM 2021: Switzerland celebrates Yann Sommer after beating France

Sport Penalty hero Yannn Sommer

“I’ll call Robert De Niro if he wants to play my role”

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Switzerland crashes world champion France – the sensation here in the video

Switzerland is going through an incredible rollercoaster of emotions against France. After 80 minutes, the Swiss are still two-goal deficit, save themselves spectacularly in extra time – and make history in the penalty shoot-out. All the highlights in the video.

Switzerland’s victory against France marked the end of what was perhaps the craziest day of the European Championship in tournament history. Of course, this drama also needed its hero: goalkeeper Yann Sommer. The Swiss have a very special wish for a film adaptation.

SSwiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer had just saved a penalty against Kylian Mbappé. Or rather: THE penalty. The tenth of the final decision in the EM round of 16 against France. But before Sommer started the cheering storm, he stayed cool and looked at the referee: “Did I stay on the line in accordance with the rules?” The short VAR check, then the go after the 8: 7 after penalties: Let’s cheer in the Swiss corner .

The Confederates could not be stopped for several minutes. They had just thrown the world champion and big title favorite France out of the tournament with a great show of will. In the 80th minute it was 3-1 for France, probably no one believed in the Swiss at that moment.

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Except: The Swiss themselves, as Held Sommer later revealed in an interview: “Nobody really believed in us anymore. But we swore and said: ‘No matter what happens, we’ll go to the end.’ ”No sooner said than done. First the 2: 3 connection, then the 3: 3 equalization in the final minute. Followed by the will power in extra time and the strong nerves in the penalty shoot-out. All five Swiss shooters converted – and were almost all as freezing as summer after the saved Mbappé penalty.

“Now everyone knows Switzerland”

In the interview with the winner, things actually looked a little different at the beginning with the eloquent Gladbach professional: “I’m still standing a little beside me. It was an incredible evening of football. We showed a lot of morality and heart. We left everything on the pitch today. When you come back like this against the world champions after two goals down, it’s unbelievable. I’m incredibly proud of the team. “

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And of course a little on yourself. The reporter asked him if this game was ready for a movie. Then he was there again, the cool Yann Sommer. Smiling mischievously, he said: “I’ll call Robert De Niro afterwards to see if he would like to play my part. It’s unbelievable. “

His captain Granit Xhaka could understand it very well: “That was ‘fucking amazing’ … Coming back after a 1: 3 against France shows a great character. This team is ‘fucking amazing’ … In the end we are through. We made history in Swiss football. Now everyone knows Switzerland. ”And everyone now knows Yann Sommer. Maybe even Robert De Niro.

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