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Flood exposure near Murnau: a marathon without a sprint to the finish line

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The flood exposure between Murnau-Achrain and Schwaiganger is in deep sleep. Nothing is happening. Now the mayors of Murnau and Ohlstadt are going on the offensive. They criticize the state government and remind them of their 2013 promise.

Murnau/Ohlstadt – Rolf Beuting and Christian Scheuerer take great pains to make politically correct statements and dress them in beautiful garlands of words so as not to give the impression or be suspected of being angry – or even worse: extremely pissed off. The mayors of Murnau and Ohlstadt don’t quite manage to hide their emotions. It’s all about the undertone. On a scale that can be used to measure frustration, both are almost at the top. The trigger for their displeasure and displeasure: When flooding the state road 2062 between Murnau-Achrain and Schwaiganger, little or nothing happens, in their opinion. “The whole thing is developing more and more into an endurance run,” says Beuting (ÖDP / Bürgerforum). “That is not acceptable.” Scheuerer (non-party) tries to stay in the picture. “A jogging route has become a marathon. That makes us restless. ”Scheuerer brought a baton with him to the press conference in Murnau’s town hall, which he and Beuting intend to pass on to the state building authority. If that doesn’t work, other calibres should be used. “The baseball bat is already in the closet,” jokes Beuting.

The flood exposure project is an affair of the heart for Beuting and Scheuerer, because it is extremely important for both municipalities: it can secure the connection from Murnau, especially to the A95, in the event of flooding. For Beuting also a “public safety issue. For our fire brigade, the state road is a central feeder when it is called to work on the increasing number of autobahns ”. Scheuerer also emphasizes the importance of the section, which is quickly flooded in heavy or continuous rain and therefore has to be closed to traffic. “It is an extremely important connection for us. An incredible number of people from Ohlstadt commute in this direction. “

Handing over the baton: Mayors Christian Scheuerer (Ohlstadt, left) and Rolf Beuting (Murnau).

© Heino Herpen

So that there is free travel even in storms, the route is to be raised by up to 2.75 meters over a length of 720 meters. In addition, 20 passages are planned. The numbers await implementation. Both municipalities did their homework and realized what Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) had asked for an advance payment from the town hall leaders at an appointment in Munich in 2013, so that the Free State between Achrain and Schwaiganger can take action. The cycle path – cost more than one million euros – that Herrmann made a condition, has been completed. Both places were asked to pay for 188,809 euros, the sum that Scheuerer calls like a shot. “A lot of money for us,” says Ohlstadt’s town hall chief.

Beuting and Scheuerer present a conclusive guess as to why the excavators have still not started up: the numerous tunnels between Eschenlohe and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. “We always read about the Auerberg, Kramer and now Wanktunnel as well as the Oberau bypass. We don’t hear anything from us, ”says Scheuerer.

Beuting and Scheuerer do not want this impression to be understood as a criticism of the state building authority, which, according to Beuting, has repeatedly asked about the state of affairs. In the end, however, more and more rarely: “We are not petitioners.” In his opinion, the capacities of the authority based in Weilheim are exhausted by the tunnels, which he calls “partly politically motivated”. Nevertheless, Beuting takes the office to duty. “Now it’s our turn.”

Something seems to be going on. At the Tagblatt request, Nadine Heiß announced that it would not take long to complete the plan approval procedure. “The project is extremely important because the street is regularly flooded,” says the department head. The hearing with the government of Upper Bavaria is planned for the end of July. If there is no legal action against the decision and the funds, he calls 7.5 million euros, are released, it is possible that the first preparatory work will begin this year. Nature conservation could stand in the way of this. Because of the dormouse that lives in the area, clearing must be completed by October. “After that, nothing works,” says Heiss. “Everything would be postponed by a year.” For the sprint to the finish line after the marathon, Beuting and Scheuerer are then probably forced to wait a little longer.

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