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Fatigue drowned out the cucumber feat

by archysport

The Leganes he threatened with a historic comeback, but where his heart beat hope, his lungs did not accompany him with oxygen. His hurricane start, a goal by Ibáñez included (12 ‘), was a prologue of impotence, the one that grew as a few minutes passed that diminished the local energies while increasing the visitor’s confidence, insurmountable when Sergio scored his own goal (66 ‘) and Andrés, the 1-2 (80’). Rayo qualified for the final of the playoff that will play against Girona thanks to the win in the first leg, but also to the intelligent management of a match in which only in the beginning did he feel something similar to anxiety.

The howl from the stands tore through the afternoon cucumber as soon as the warm-up began. They were few, but noisy. Empty in the seats, but full in the soul. About 1,500 yelling like 12,545. For quite a few local players, their first time. Only four had played on that meadow with an audience in favor. Deflowered in the passion of Butarque, spirits bubbled as the Thunderstruck AC / DC sounded prelude to the lineup. This was a heavenly hymn with infernal chords. To notice its heat was to be on Olympus. Butarque became Butarque again 466 days later.

Ceremony of excitement that led to a crazy start. Blue and white pressure unleashed with happy football. Those from Garitano wanted to score soon. To achieve this, an offensive eleven and Silva and Palencia turned into heavenly highways. Bands were the way. And there a Leganés struck that turned his chances into a constant trickle seeking to be a tsunami that would destroy a trembling rival. The Lightning started in fear. Panic crept up his sides. Pardo had the first foul that Miguel invented. Then own Miguel touched the goal. Catena avoided Palencia’s. Unsuccessful push until at 12 ‘the locals stitched together a play of spaces and violins.

Javi hernandez He yielded it to the hole for Silva and his low center was let by Miguel so that Ibáñez would burst it to the tights. The quarter of an hour had not been fulfilled and the Lega already won. And to top it all, the centrals of Rayo with yellow. A perfect script that was followed by a reluctance of insufficient faith. Because around 20 minutes, Leganés ran out of hope gasoline and Rayo, trembling. Even Trejo and Saveljich scared Riesgo and inaugurated the minutes of the rattle.

Only the section that preceded the break had chicha without football. Visiting wastes of time excited Butarque in what appeared to be gasoline for the restart. Error. Empty the lungs of the Lega, nothing threatened a Lightning that like dark oil, It was spreading and blackening the pickle spirit until Sergio, inadvertently, made the tie at his own door. Andrés sentenced in a counterattack led by Isi.


Velazquez (45 ‘, Esteban Saveljich), Sergio (52 ‘, Jonathan Silva), Andres Martin (57 ‘, Yacine Qasmi), Javier Aviles (61 ‘, Juan Muñoz), Attack (61 ‘, Kevin Bua), Sabin Merino (74 ‘, Robert Ibáñez), Diego Garcia (74 ‘, Rubén Pérez), Ivan Martos (75 ‘, Álvaro García), Mario Suarez (75 ‘, Óscar Valentín), Antoñin (82′, Trejo)


1-0, 10′: Robert Ibáñez, 1-1, 66′: Sergio, 1-2, 79′: Andres Martin

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