EM 2021: kneeling gesture against racism? Italy’s team is divided

What Joachim Löw Musiala said when he came on as a substitute

It reminds a little of Mario Götze in the 2014 World Cup final in Rio. At that time, national coach Joachim Löw had given his substitute the following words: “Show the world that you are better than Messi!” The quote and the following minutes have long been football history: Götze implemented the target and shot Germany with his Goal in injury time to the World Cup.

The game of the DFB-Elf against Hungary on Wednesday evening was not as radiant as a World Cup final, but a goal was also of essential importance in the last European Championship group game. The team needed a hit in order not to be eliminated from the tournament prematurely. In the 82nd minute, Löw drew another joker when the score was 1: 2: 18-year-old Jamal Musiala was used and used his EM debut to demonstrate the thoughts and speed of action that Löw’s team had previously lacked. Just two minutes after his capture, Musiala got the ball at the baseline, made a hook, let a Hungarian get out, pulled into the middle, passed Goretzka sharply at the penalty spot. He matched Werner, whose shot bounced back to Goretzka: goal, equalizer, round of 16.

A success that would not have been possible without the youngster’s initiative. And in the end he only implemented what Löw – as in the Götze case – had given him: “Before coming on, the coach told me to just trust myself. I should play in half space and move forward aggressively. I have nothing to lose, I should just give it my all. I did that with full confidence, ”revealed Musiala.

The dribbling technician should have secured the chances of further missions. Maybe already on Tuesday in the round of 16 against England. “I’m looking forward to it, this is my second home, I’m really hot. I know some of the players there, I talked to Jude Bellingham before the game. At Wembley, going to England, that’s just a big game, ”he says. The national coach will tell him what needs to be done on the way.




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