EM 2021: France – Kylian Mbappé becomes a tragic figure

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Of all things, the gifted becomes a tragic figure

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Switzerland crashes world champion France – the sensation here in the video

Switzerland is going through an incredible rollercoaster of emotions against France. After 80 minutes, the Swiss are still two-goal deficit, save themselves spectacularly in extra time – and make history in the penalty shoot-out. All the highlights in the video.

France is sensationally eliminated from the EM against Switzerland. Kylian Mbappé misses the decisive penalty and becomes a tragic figure. A shot that fits in with his mixed appearances at the tournament.

Kylian Mbappé put on one of his notorious sprints again. The French striker appeared free in overtime in front of Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer. When the score was 3: 3, the 22-year-old had the decision in the 113th minute. Mbappé put the shot on the side netting.

It was an opportunity that the striker, who is one of the best in the world, is not going to miss it. But even while the shot was moving, Mbappé was plagued by a cramp in the calf. Nevertheless, he persevered and also competed on penalties.

Mbappé only hits the outside net with his attempt


There he became a tragic figure. After the first nine shooters had hit, Mbappé failed. The Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer suspected the right corner and fended off Mbappé’s half-shot attempt. France lost 7-8 on penalties, Switzerland is sensationally in the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

“Of course we wanted to be European champions”

France’s defender Raphael Varane gave a twisted analysis: “We were very frustrated and totally disappointed at halftime, then we reacted well. We could have scored in extra time, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It will be very quiet in the cabin now. Of course we wanted to be European champions. There is currently nothing more to say. “

The fact that nothing came of it was also due to Mbappé’s average appearances. The missed penalty was the end of a mixed season for the superstar. With Paris St. Germain, Mbappé was only second behind the champions Lille. A placement that is out of the question for PSG.

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Kylian Mbappe fails with the decisive penalty

Those: AP / Daniel Mihailescu

In the Champions League, the competition that is the most important for the club owners from Qatar, things didn’t go really well for Mbappé and PSG either. The team was eliminated in the semifinals against Manchester City. In the decisive games he went without a hit.

At the European Championships, the gifted did not score a goal either. He ran significantly less than his teammates and repeatedly took noticeable time-outs in the games. Often he was cut off from the flow of the game.

After the disappointing appearances and the surprising EM exit, Mbappé can take care of his future. His contract in Paris only runs for a year. He seems in no hurry to renew it. “I’m in a place where I like it, where I feel good. But is it the best place for me? I don’t have the answer yet, ”said Mbappé, who is often associated with Real Madrid, before the European Championship.




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