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Divorce recorded between Kemba Walker and Boston, two teams already on the spot!

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For Kemba Walker at the Celtics, it already feels the end. In Boston for two seasons, the point guard is expected to leave the region for a new team. Two of them are precisely interested in his services.

In Massachusetts for two seasons, Kemba Walker hoped for success with the Celtics, after many failures with the Hornets. Even though the experience is relatively short, it’s hard to believe this roster can accomplish anything, and Cardiac Kemba is already considered a burden in Boston.

This summer, we expect many changes with the departure of Danny Ainge, and the promotion within the front office of Brad Stevens. We must believe that Walker will also be part of the luggage, since we are heading for a departure according to the journalist of Bleacher Report, Farbod Esnaashari.

The Kemba Walker experiment in Boston seems to be heading towards an end. Sources have indicated that the Celtics and Walker want to separate this summer after a mutual agreement.

For Kemba, the reason is simple: he no longer feels wanted in Boston, as if he had become a disadvantage. Given the position of the Celtics, this is undoubtedly the case, the leader turning at only 19.3 points on average on this campaign, a first since 2014.

Injuries also played a role, with the former Hornet experiencing knee issues. His association with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown isn’t working, so it’s time to go. The Knicks are on the move, according to the same source:

The teams will always monitor Walker’s situation. The Knicks, who must make a decision regarding future free agent Derrick Rose and Immanuel Quickley’s starter status, could be on the roster. Walker said in 2019 that the Knicks were a “priority” when he was a free agent.

Walker loves the Knicks, and they are looking for a high quality point guard. Marriage makes sense, although there are many questions about Kemba’s level. Can he still return to his best level? In addition, the competition is there. Evan Massey reports that the Thunder should be in the bundle:

OKC are also a team to watch in the split between Kemba and Boston.

End clap for Kemba Walker, who should find another franchise this summer. Difficult to know where, as the questions are numerous concerning the number 8. It is perhaps the moment for the Knicks to act.

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