Deschamps on Benzema’s injury: “Nothing dramatic” – Euro 2020

The coach of the Blues wanted to be reassuring about the injury of his striker Tuesday night against Bulgaria.

Special envoy to the Stade de France

His assessment of the match and preparation
“We had two matches, the first with the exclusion of the Welsh distorted the analysis of the match. There is a progression in the work, in what we can do in the field. The supporters encouraged us. I wanted the group to put itself in the conditions of what awaits us on June 15 (against Germany, during the first match of the Blues at the Euro, editor’s note). In intentions and attitudes, those who have started or returned, we are right. We are aware of having a lot of strengths and qualities and we will need all of this for what lies ahead. We are where we have to be physically, the whole group has to be ready to face Germany. ”

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Benzema’s injury
“He took a blow, a crutch on the vastus medialis of the knee, he felt the muscle hard and you shouldn’t take any chances, that’s why he came out. It’s a blow, there is always worse in life. I have a high level medical staff, we are going to do the right thing. It will get better day by day. I have no particular concern this evening. There is nothing dramatic. ”

“I am not a magician, no one is, but he has this will and ability to always be effective”

Deschamps on Giroud

If Giroud has already disappointed him in the France team
“In absolute terms, yes, a moment. He can not always be full, tonight he puts two more on the clock. Taking into account his psychological and physical situation, that’s good. I had planned to bring him in less time, he has a foolproof mind. The group will need all our strength, it is part of it. But I think he played more tonight than the last three months combined. I am not a magician, no one is, but he has this will and ability to always be effective. ”

The role of substitutes
“We will need all our strength. In the history, it is not always that. Let’s make sure that the substitutes bring things off the bench. There is internal emulation, I only have 23 players on the field, three will be outside the scoresheet. I have a lot of quality in the group, my players are there but the forces that will come from the bench will be important. ”

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Griezmann’s role and instructions
“He has this ability to bind, the three offensive players have freedom, they know what I expect from them, to better attack and defend well. There is an initial position, after they have swapped a lot. When the ball is lost, they have very specific instructions. He still has this technical accuracy to score and make score. If he has made an effort of 30 meters he will do so. Today, there was a notion of managing playing time, not to take risks also with a duel at the end of the match and it is the opportunity to give playing time to those who are on the bench. . “

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